Pervert doctor on Facebook

There are many things that I can’t tolerate in life. Stupid people, stupid people at work, stupid people on the road, stupid people with technology and the likes. The worst of this lot? Read the following…..

I was happily facebooking away when I received a message from someone unknown to me.

    u r really sexy and pretty
    do u like sex
    if you do call me at 019*******


First of all, this person was using his full name to proposition me on facebook. What else to do, I googled his name. Lo and hehold, his medical journal, which he co-authored with a few other people popped up on the very first page.

I wasn’t going to jump onto conclusion that the pervert who messaged me was a doctor but I tested him out anyway. Boy, it was too easy.

Chat 1
First part.

Doc wasted no time in checking me out. He was quite insistent on seeing my naked pictures. Oh well, with the recent Edison Chen fiasco, did he think any girl with half a brain would even be having their pictures flying around on the Internet? Well, this doctor does. And he also think it’s okay to put a face to a full name…….

Chat 2
Second part.

Can you believe it!? He’s so smart, he uploaded a picture of his graduation to facebook for the eyes of a stranger that he had only propositioned barely 15 minutes earlier.

To be honest, did he really think I would be floored by his looks? I suspect it’s more of a mating strategy for him, you know….to reinforce the fact that he’s a real doctor might just score him some poonani, that’s what I suspect he thought.

Doc’s not only unfamiliar with facebook. He’s a major loser when it comes to picking up girls too. All those mugging must have fried his brains real good. I know it is the internet and things move so quickly in the virtual world but damn, some patience doc? See how he kept pestering me to talk dirty. OMG. Need. to. watch. Disney. channel.

Chat 3
Third part.

Too bad, I got bored really fast. I was going to get him to send me his nude pictures, which I was pretty certain he would considering his IQ. So I began my process of busting his balls, pun intended.

Chat 4.
Forth part.

As you can see, he finally realised that something was wrong. I’m glad it had gotten him to start using the fabulous internet search engine because he obviously had. Addressing my by my real surname was probably an attempt to shift the power to his side. But it was too little too late, doc :(

Can you guess which part of the conversation where he started losing his erection?

Chat 5
Fifth part.

Then, he sent me a facebook rose! LMAO!

All I can say is, poor missus. For marrying an asshole and a stupid one at that.

You think a doctor would be a little smarter than that but no, he decided to ask a complete stranger for sex over the internet with his full name on the identity card.

Perverted doctor.
Dr. Perve.

89 thoughts on “Pervert doctor on Facebook”

  1. What a super post! LOL You showed him attitude whoa! Just delete / ignore him ler, haha who knows later he comments here cuz he knows ur blog? :P

    No wonder u always have so many Nangs, ur posts are really interesting! Can’t believe some moron actually danged it (your previous entry)… Guh.

  2. Unbelieveable…tsk tsk tsk. Now I’m going to think twice before making any check-ups in any government hospitals. Who knows which doc there could be some pervert or maniac hiding under his lab coat and stethoscope?!

  3. OMG OMG! this is ftw! ahahahahaha~ that stupid doc is unfortunate enough to meet with you Kim! did you report him on Facebook btw?

    i did something like that when i was still in Neopets era. after i got the wolf tail out, i broke the bubble and everyone who knew him stayed far far away since then. :P

    poor fella didn’t even know that this surprise buttshecks was in store for him. :P

  4. Nearly died laughing at the “i was hoping to find someone i can chat with, so can OFF LOAD my worries and troubles with talk” (yeh, I’m sure he’s just OFFLOADing on talk..hmm)

    But thanks for the side-splitting laughter! :D

  5. He doesn’t know anything, why go proposition a girl with sex, give your real phone number AND use your full name.


    Seems like he’s a complete net noob and he got PWNED hard.

    He is indeed a disgrace to the medical community.

  6. sammy: neither do i! like he’s so bent on sleeping with me anyway…what is the point? i don’t think he would want me to produce a health report, might affect the foreplay hahaha

    goodboygonebad: thanks glad you’re entertained. i’ve never added him on facebook anyway and if had googled earlier, he would have known i’m a blogger.

    mooiness: yeah..but i dont think so with that dopey face. i really love to publish his pictures but that’s a tad too evil, don’t you think? haha

    twosuperheroes: im sure his horniness doesnt affect his profession. but you might want to think twice about having a person with STD treating u…lmao

    yahui: nah i didn’t report him. it’s not like he posted a picture of his penis online. haha u exposed the fella ah? good job!

    josh: tell me about it. im just about to keel over and die from all this political gibberish. well they are humans afterall, albeit a lil dumb.

    beetrice: haahahah no problems babe

    simon: he prolly knows by now since he made the effort to google for my real name. lmao. to be honest, he’s lucky to have met me….others would have exposed his face, hp number and real name.

    shaolintiger: all work and no play makes doc a real dull (and horny) boy

    jolene: yeah babe. just a real gem when these fools do it with their real names hahaha

    wenqi: lmao i know!

  7. OMG! Now I know that those losers who write to the Star (advice columns) really exist. The ones who ask whether they can keep their affairs and marriages side-by-side.

  8. Giant sotong: fortunately, not much :)

    wingz: loktor pwned haha

    jason: he has a stressful job afterall

    dr. tan: eww, for one it will not go that far yikes

    icemilo: shit for him to eat got lah lol

    ky: that’s cause you’re an evil person

    suertes: of course they do. aids wasnt spread by air.

  9. Kim lol no i mean…eat kali rice = go jail for want rape u lol

    but Kim why u dun wan add him? its okla, u can torture him more , i addd any1 who addd me, give rose, flowers or panties in facebook is very common la lol

  10. HAHAHA oh my god! Shit wei, is he a doctor under the government hospitals in m’sia???? My dad used to work for the government hospitals wtf. There are so many weirdos out there… I sell clothings online, and I actually have an idiot who emailed me to ask me to sell my USED lingerie to him, WTF RIGHT! GRRR.

  11. icemilo: ooooh lmao! dont think he wanna add me already lor.

    doink: internet would be the last place on earth to be safe.

    nicole: hah

    huiwen: just make a cat pee on it and send it to him from RM500!

    pinkpau: i share your sentiment!

    SK: you’re welcome :)

  12. Thats just so stupid of him lool. Some people just never learn. There was an article in the newspaper once about cyberstalkers, girls who check out guys by just asking from their business name card when the guy requests for a dinner.

    And here, you have something even worse, a guy who willingly gives his real phone number, name to someone he doesn’t even know, and “plans” to have some illicit sex with.

    The fact that he’s a Medical Doctor corrupts his reputation even more. Supposedly it isn’t easy to become a Medical Doctor, so much stuff to pack in, but apparently he doesn’t even have simple common sense such as that.

    :: shakes head :: DISGRACING!

  13. Usually I would just ignore perverts like him. Layan-ed too many perves during my mIRC days so I can predict what they are going to do/say anyways. Some doctors are not really that bright I tell you. Most of them are either bookworms or have excellent memorizing skills. Just my 2 cents :)

  14. moons: he really comes across as a complete newbie! i guess it’s like the very 1st time i logged on to irc, all i did was spam the channels with the word,”FUCK” till I got k-lined lol those were the days. as for our doctor, his 1st time on facebook he’s probably consumed by the urge to spam girls with his dirty request lor.

    anthraxxxx: lmao at least dr. chua actually got the poon.

    dree: ya betul….hahaha

    jane: yeah the difference between him and other perverts is that he used his real name on I/C. that’s why i layan-ed hahaha.

  15. Aiyah, I was late to this post coz of event…

    …I wonder if he reads your blog? Or if his wife reads your blog?

    I agree with KY, shouldn’t have censored. Bwahahahaha….

  16. spiller: free enough to do this :)

    tom: hehe don’t be so quick to judge ;)

    dabido: perve sounds like an unassuming surname aye?

    david: i have no freakin idea. but if he does…*waves to doc*. you also evil like ky lah!

  17. What a perve!!!!!!!! Now I’ll forever think twice before going to the doctor for a check up. The doctor could you know…be checking me out instead of doing a checking up.

    How did someone so stupid get to be a doctor tsk tsk

  18. tw: thick face mah

    eewah: i’ve got a solution. find the hot docs to go for hahaha. then kena checked out also nvm ;)

    thatjames: hehe typical dopey face

    earl: that might ruin his life

    cheesecakeerian: i agree with you babe

    naeboo: no wor. he’s got one of the most common chinese surnames well, i can’t bring myself to do that. but ladies owe it to themselves to be extremely cautious of married men prowling about

  19. Haha, I was planning to sell one to him… And after he pays and everything, I will email him and ask him, ‘hey are you enjoying my brother’s worn underwear’ WTF.

  20. wahlau… wat a disgrace to all medical professionals. You should post his name and pic here ma. I want to go facebook him lol.

    This doc kinda resemble some of my classmates here hahaha. So be careful when you see doctor. =D

  21. bwhahaha… always wanted to do something like that with friendster stalkers but never had the guts to. There was an ‘engineer which was new to town’ that reminds me of your doc.

  22. Hehehehe….. a very bored and horny doctor I see…. Should have played along, get him out and just spy him from far….. Yah… raise his hopes up and drop it like a bomb!

  23. Ee: lmao so do i!

    huiwen: never know he might dig that too! hahaha

    levine: heh surely not all are like that lah

    littlepolaris: and a disgrace to himself and his family and friends.

    beenee: hehe yeah it’ll be funny as hell

    big boys woven: you can say that again.

    naeboo: i would do it if the wife is my friend. im not into fixing other people’s families hehe

    notty gurl: who’s gonna pay me for that???

    shari: well thank goodness all he gets to touch are eyeballs and heads. heh

    terrance: maybe not :)

    ginger: wah if i found out my bf does anything like that i’ll dump his sorry ass lah. no, i’ll cut off his balls and then dump his sorry ass.

  24. he thot he hit the jackpot when u responded ‘sexily’ and i found that this guy is quite raw. if he wanted sex, he shouldn’t worry abt how clean were u, disease transmitted via kisses, etc…..

    this posting really made my day …… hahaha

  25. I’m just blown away by the sheer force of AWESOMENESS of this post. This is the best “Wanna have sex?” story I’ve heard on social networking. Friggin’ good post!

    Girls have it entertaining.

    I guess being educated doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a better person in society.

  26. johnny: yeah…he replied like as soon as i responded! lolol

    bibliobibuli: yeah..death to all perves and child rapists

    nicholas: lmao. yeah, i’ve met my fair share of disgusting educated people :(

    benn: that sums it all up, lol

  27. Ha ha, funny, was that all on an open thread on FB? It must have been,,,, man I wished I’d been around when he was trying to get nude pictures of you, I’d have sent him some nude pictures alright he he.

    Mind you, he was rather polite ha ha…

  28. palmdoc: i like your puns lol

    josephine: yes i’ve heard of identity theft. well only way to find out for sure is to report him to the medical board or something aye?

  29. Finaly someones made an example of this. Not just this one guy but all of them, i’m on facebook and because i’m young and apparantly attractive every time i log on ive got literaly 20+ friend requests, i logged on today and i had 44!!! All from guys i dont know. To top it off i get like 3 mails a day from guys i dont know which range from, ”hey sexy” to, and this is one i had today, ‘would you like to see something really small”. And if i mail them telling them im not interested and to leave me alone half the time they mail me back telling me im ugly anyway. I mean FFS, i joined facebook to keep in touch with my friends and all i get is perverts trying to come on to me!!

  30. What a dunce. He reminds me of my ex-husband, also a doctor. The man assumes he is so much more intelligent than everyone else, that he doesn’t even stop to consider what he says or does. Living with him was so embarrassing. And yes, he did the internet thing with women, because he’s not attractive enough to do it in real life. What a moron.

  31. in my society a female should be more careful when dealing with males , doctors or others , so she wont be taken as a victim . this world is full of stupids . they are very very expert in how to pull any female legs down . i loved the story cause it showed everyone how not to go on with such stupid people .

  32. i noe ppl nowadays dont blindly trust drs like those days (which i m glad, paradoxically). well i do agree most drs r ignorant, “naive”, and detached from this fast-paced world, only talk about medicine and only medicine, except few like this fellow whose IQ rely on his smaller head. wat i dont noe is dat drs seems pictured as so so stupid, foolish, idiotic to such extend. FYI those flirty drs i noe r much smarter than u all think:). its amazing, perhaps lucky, dat kimberly bumped into one of the rarest idiotic fool of my kind. ya, i m kinda upset wif the act and stupidity of this “dr” and u guys making fun of this professional group. perhaps, it becomes a common occurance if he isnt a “dr”. ya, i m , unfortunately, belong to this group of ppl u guys r teasing at. perhaps i m a fool like him, spending my time here shouting out, which is totally not rewarding. one good thing is, perhaps, i wont feel so sorry when i see my patients get their bills, LOL

  33. dear so call mss..what cun.?
    im working as consultant medical dr ( not important for u ), somehow i just got this stupid web..btw im not too sure how sure”” u r “he is the dr (the photo), did u meet him ..?? did u talk to him?? did u find out where he work ?? which hospital ?? if u din ,, i think u r just another moron!! the pathetic thing is u still think u r smart..
    u might just humilate someone could be a victim! and yet i guess u r proud of urself by “discovered” that so call drs are actually stupid.

  34. haha, ya, wat cun:) my frens dr, expect some bombarts later. well, i wonder how many of these ppl here hav actually done some naughty thing someway along his/her life but drop by here pretending to be naive. the fact that they don noe 30% of the gals in KL (underestimated figure) hav had a abortion for whatever fuck the reason. ya, blame it on the irresponsible bf and again the blood sucking gynae, haha. huh, y ppl just make a big fuss of this moron simply he is a dr, or claimed to be? wake up all moroms, judge someome as he/she is, by by his/her profession. medicine did teach ethics beside medical knowledge to treat morons, but not a course to produce saints! agree, dr? hmm…much relieve after this:) wd be even better we can go out and hav some bir, dr.

  35. hahaha i think that guy is crazy but maybe you are much more crazier then him …. publishing the article for everyone to see maybe u need attention, I think u do worst things compared that guy …..sucking man dick is much more worst than asking u to sell your underware…

  36. bravo yourdaddy:) like the way u fuck this stupid whore who think she is smart, and simply defame this group of pro whom, watever ppl said, still undeniably many have a kind heart. she is here barking out for famousity. sooooooo irresponsible bitch. u are the man:)

  37. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for eyelash extensions – then chanced upon this interesting entry. I am a female doc, younger generation so more internet-savvy… don’t worry we had lots of perverts in our classes – quite normal. The ones who say they are not perverts are bluffing. “I touched 34 BREASTS TODAY!! One breast had nipple ring! WOOT!” Um, how old is this Pervert Dr? I feel a bit sorry for the chap – looks like he’s posted on your blog as KFC, yourdaddy, and adel. All humans are the same I guess, after a couple of beers and a hard day at work + the internet = stupid actions soon to be regretted in the morning. And that, my friends, is why AFFAIRS happen. Anyway, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah – basically was just trying to say that doctors are humans too – they eat, shit, piss, have sex, like everyone else on the planet. They just have to act professional when they are at work and they are trained to switch their brains off sex (otherwise how to focus?). Anyway /end rant.

  38. lol. omg I just saw this really old post of yours back in 2008! Guess how i found it? was googling and it came out under your sitelinks. I was like “pervert doctor on facebook”? this i gotta read. And here I am laughing away! ..

    Anyway good day Kimberly :P

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