Boredom in Putrajaya

This is me, bored in Putrajaya running boring grownup errands.

Bored in Putrajaya.
Not simulating what you think I am simulating.

This is me, finding a packet of Skittles in my handbag. Wheee :)

Skittles ftw.

I don’t claim to be a fashion expert but I actually saw a fashion road kill a couple of days ago. It’s not so much of the pink/lace ensemble or the garish makeup that made me want to gag. It’s the innocent plastic pastel pink necklace that she was wearing that got me stupefied. That thing looks like it had hatched from a plastic egg of those toy vending machines. Definitely not fit to be worn by anyone over 10 or 5’3″.

Mr. Blackwell…canchu hear me??