Random Mondayness.

What a blissful chinese new year! Broke my diet and stuffed myself silly with “lor han chai” and bacon bakua.

I think I’ve finally stepped into the marriageable age region. Don’t think I’ve been asked so many times about marriage and wedding by well meaning relatives. How many times do I have to explain to them that there will be no wedding bells unless we’ve gotten a properly decorated house with a porch and a little garden to our names.

Anyway, check out my new qipao. It fits me like a glove and I love it so much! Wore it on the first day of chinese new year, so cliche but what better day to embrace your culture and curves?


Camwhoring with the blue wig I got from Jane (https://www.pinkcube.blogspot.com).

Blue hair.

A bit of contemporariness for a change…

Been shying from camwhoring cause my “ban” cute pics make my skin crawls. But today, f**k it lah.

On another note, I got myself another mirror in the room. The one attached to my closet isn’t very useful as it’s in a badly lit space.

New mirror.

Wow….February 11 already. Time passes so fast these days!