Pervert doctor on Facebook

There are many things that I can’t tolerate in life. Stupid people, stupid people at work, stupid people on the road, stupid people with technology and the likes. The worst of this lot? Read the following…..

I was happily facebooking away when I received a message from someone unknown to me.

    u r really sexy and pretty
    do u like sex
    if you do call me at 019*******


First of all, this person was using his full name to proposition me on facebook. What else to do, I googled his name. Lo and hehold, his medical journal, which he co-authored with a few other people popped up on the very first page.

I wasn’t going to jump onto conclusion that the pervert who messaged me was a doctor but I tested him out anyway. Boy, it was too easy.

Chat 1
First part.

Doc wasted no time in checking me out. He was quite insistent on seeing my naked pictures. Oh well, with the recent Edison Chen fiasco, did he think any girl with half a brain would even be having their pictures flying around on the Internet? Well, this doctor does. And he also think it’s okay to put a face to a full name…….

Chat 2
Second part.

Can you believe it!? He’s so smart, he uploaded a picture of his graduation to facebook for the eyes of a stranger that he had only propositioned barely 15 minutes earlier.

To be honest, did he really think I would be floored by his looks? I suspect it’s more of a mating strategy for him, you know….to reinforce the fact that he’s a real doctor might just score him some poonani, that’s what I suspect he thought.

Doc’s not only unfamiliar with facebook. He’s a major loser when it comes to picking up girls too. All those mugging must have fried his brains real good. I know it is the internet and things move so quickly in the virtual world but damn, some patience doc? See how he kept pestering me to talk dirty. OMG. Need. to. watch. Disney. channel.

Chat 3
Third part.

Too bad, I got bored really fast. I was going to get him to send me his nude pictures, which I was pretty certain he would considering his IQ. So I began my process of busting his balls, pun intended.

Chat 4.
Forth part.

As you can see, he finally realised that something was wrong. I’m glad it had gotten him to start using the fabulous internet search engine because he obviously had. Addressing my by my real surname was probably an attempt to shift the power to his side. But it was too little too late, doc :(

Can you guess which part of the conversation where he started losing his erection?

Chat 5
Fifth part.

Then, he sent me a facebook rose! LMAO!

All I can say is, poor missus. For marrying an asshole and a stupid one at that.

You think a doctor would be a little smarter than that but no, he decided to ask a complete stranger for sex over the internet with his full name on the identity card.

Perverted doctor.
Dr. Perve.