Ipanema, Mickey D and mossies.

I really hate it when my tummy starts to grumble after a heavy dinner. Tonight was one of those nights. Probably because I forgot to have lunch. I wish I can conveniently forget to have lunch all the time, man. I’d be super thin :P

Anyway, I pestered the boo to take me out for supper at McDonald’s. Actually, I probably shouldn’t use the word “pestered” because as far as pestering goes, it was a piece of cake. Mission accomplished in less than 10 minutes, w00t!

My new ocean blue Ipanema.

Check out my new pair of Ipanema. Honestly, it’s really not the design I wanted. I’m such a klutz I can’t wear thong sandals, I’ll either trip or lose the freakin slippers.

So I’ve been seaching high and low for the same pair of Gisele Bundchen Ipanema I bought in ’06 because wearing them, trust me, is like walking on air. They’ve lasted me through tough conditions…..beach escapades and a pretty rough trek through wet jungle and waterfalls. If it weren’t for the slightly faded colours and the 3-D flowers that were chewed off by rodents, I wouldn’t even need to get a new pair. But I can’t find them anywhere!!!

I heard on the radio that Gisele Bundchen’s latest range is here already, so hopefully I’ll get to replace my current pair soon. By any chance any of you know where I can get real Ipanema with the ankle strap, let me know, pretty please!

Gisele Bundchen Ipanema.
My Gisele Bundchen Ipanema. Le sigh…

Sorry, I veered. Back to Mickey Ds!

On the way, I pole danced for my boo bee.

Pole dancer.
If a career in PR doesn’t work out, I can always opt to pole dance, aye.

So sexy for my love, so sexy for my love so sexy it hurts. Uh uh.

I present you my most, most, most favourite food in Mickey D!

Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess?
Can you guess what is it yet?

Fried chicken and porridge????

Can you guess yet?
Any idea?

Fried chicken skin in MSG laden rice porridge, hell yeah! The word is monosodiumglutamate ok. I didn’t even check the dictionary, w00ts.

Fried chicken skin in rice porridge.
Fried chicken skin in rice porridge. Should be made illegal lor.

Then….as luck would have it. I suddenly got hit by the most urgent diarrhoea (I checked the dic this time) ever. Needed to go so bad, omg. Abandoned my sinful porridge and rushed into the loo.

Thank goodness there were toilet papers AND water. The following are screen shots of myshoutout (eh, follow me my shoutouts lah…only one follower so sien -_-), if you would like to have a better idea of what transpired.

Part 1
Part 1.

Part 2
Part 2.

I felt like a giant tampon okay, the mosquitoes won’t leave me alone to shit in peace, omg!

Then, then this fella went into the cubicle next door and pissed soooooOoo loud I was almost sure it’s a man. I mean, isn’t it possible that first he pees, then he rapes me. It was 12.30am in the morning at Mickey D’s toilet, which is away from the main restaurant.

Anyway, noisy pisser left…I heard the steps and door opened. I calmed down a bit and started surfing on my Nokia N95.

I don’t know how long time passed after, but when I got out, boo was already in his car…pretty pissed at me.