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No more chinky chinese eyelashes.

After my adventure with fake eyelashes about a year ago, I’ve decided to give it another go. So I finally got my lashes extended, by a professional this time.

I don’t think they’re very prominent though. Should have asked the girl to give me more drama! That said, they’re still longer and curlier than my natural lashes, so yeah, I’m quite happy with the results.

Eyelash extension.
Extended lashes.

The process was a bit of a torture for me though. I think it’s because of my hypersensitive eyes, they were tearing up throughout the process.

And I kept falling asleep, which was weird because I would start dreaming random stuff and at the same time I would tell myself to wake up in order to avoid Rapid Eye Movement. Trippy shit!

I felt the mood to doll up and so I did. Put on my beautiful dress which bf said reminds him of Laura Ashley’s curtains (BLEH I love it and I’m quite sure there are many girls who would appreciate the dress!)


Not emo.

Also not emo.

Admiring my own reflection...
Portrait of a narcissist admiring her own reflection.

My booootiful dress.
My booootiful dress!

If you’re interested in where I got my lashes done, it’s at Pink Passion. Found them from an article on NST.

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