Delicious sushi and me.

When I received an invitation by Melium Group to savour the signature offerings at their latest venture, Yo! Sushi, I was so happy okay. I’ve been to the place before and was so impressed with the quality of food I’ve already proclaimed it to be one of my favourite Japanese restaurants.

Yo! Sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Pavilion, similar in concept to joints like Genki or Sakae but with way, way, way better quality sushi. They’ve just opened another outlet in Gardens too. The price is of course slightly higher but not that expensive that it makes the “food washes down your spine” (only my FOB brethren will understand this). They’re also very particular about freshness, none of their sushi would stay on the belt for more than 2 hours, something I feel is rather important for Japanese restaurants.

Armed with my D70s and 50mm F1.4, I checked out Yo! Sushi with ShaolinTiger.

Did a little camwhoring while waiting for ST at the petrol station. Check out my new acquisition!

New bag
Straw hat inspired bag.

I love this bag. The reason why I love it so much is because I could fit in a whole dSLR into the bag plus my bulky aunty purse and all other miscellaneous stuff and still look kind of…young.

Big bag.
Fits everything.

I ought to practise more with taking pictures of myself. They’re always either blur or underexposed. Sometimes I look damn dopey I wonder if I come across like that to other people -_-

I mean look at this! This picture make my skin crawl okay…

Dopey faced.
Deliberately enlarged eyes.

And a shot at being emo…..

So blur and stupid. I think cause the car was moving already.

Okay sorry, this is supposed to be a post about sushi! :P

These are the pictures I took with my D70s in Yo! Sushi. Just look at them……processing the pictures made my belly growl so much.

Yo Sushi belt.
Sushi belt.

I eat salmon sashimi at least twice a week and I’ve developed a taste for the good ones. I used to be damn happy to hit a buffet and eat as much salmon sashimi as I could but I’ve realised now that those places are serving sub par sashimi…sliced so thinly so that when you dunk ’em into the wasabe/soy sauce you wouldn’t be able to taste the fish at all. They’re also very slimy…..ewww.

As for the salmon slices in Yo! Sushi, they’re excellent! Fresh, fat, meaty and very reasonably priced. They come in various styles as well…marinaded with dill/wasabe or covered in sesame or eat it as a salad. Take your pick.

Sashimi feeds my soul.
Sashimi feeds my soul.

Sashimi - with sesame seeds and marinaded in dill/wasabe.
Glorious salmon.

One of my favourite things about eating in Yo! Sushi is watching the chefs in action. Watching them bringing out fresh slabs of salmon and preparing them on the spot made me feel secure about having the second, third and forth serving….hahahaha.

Kungfu sushi.
Sushi kungfu.

I also love their non-salmon offerings. Namely the mushroom-only dish. I love my mushrooms, if I could I’ll have them with everything. I must have had about 3 servings of these…

Just mushrooms!

I can’t remember what this was…but I remember it being really good. Duck, I think.

Duck roll.
Delicious duck roll.

And the best of the lot….OMG. Salmon, cream cheese and avacado inside out roll. This would what I call a match-made in heaven.

ISO salmon, cream cheese and avocado.
Salmon, cream cheese and avocado ISO roll.

The eggplant was so-so…..but the salmon and cucumber salad behind it was awesome.


Emcee Casey.
Casey the emcee.

The black cod miso is also one of their signature dishes. I could have had 5 of these but I stopped at 3 because I got a bit embarrassed hogging all the good stuff and depriving others of them :P

Black cod miso that melts in your mouth.
Black cod miso that melts in your mouth.

By the way, this is not an advertorial. I actually really love this place and I think I should spread the word before they close down because some people think that Genki is better (seriously, how can??!). Freakin’ hope they’ll open one in 1 Utama too cause as at now, I have to contend with their latest branch in Gardens, Mid Valley which is not too far.

Oooh and look what I’ve got from the party…..

Many many sushi!!!!
Many, many sushi! Muahahahahahhahaa!

And errr…I’ve also realised that I’ll probably never make it in food photography. I have too little patience for it, all I ever want to do is eat first -_-