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Disgusting food.

I think nothing defines me more as a chinese than my palate. I was just looking through some pictures I took last Sunday at breakfast and I thought about all the gross stuff I’ve eaten throughout my life.

Chicken feet.
Guess what it was.

My family and I (except for Mom) are big fans of disgusting food. I may have trouble killing a roach but have absolutely no problems eating one.

Anyway, speaking of disgusting food…there was an exotic food stall near my parents’ place. Rumours had it that the owner of the stall used to kidnap the neighbourhood’s pets for dog meat stew. I’ve lost two Dobermans when I was younger and I’ve always wondered whether he was the one who stole my dogs. Nevertheless, we frequented the stall for all sorts of delicacies including stuff like snakes, bats, turtles (not the endangered type lah) and many more. In fact, I ate my first monkey there.

However, to date, no dogs on the menu……

Among the disgusting stuff I enjoy are as follow, in random order:

    1. Pork intestines – fried or braised or boiled
    2. Chicken feet – fried, braised or deboned (kerabu)
    3. Cockles – still bloody with spicy chilli dip
    4. Pork skin – absolutely divine in curry mee
    5. Stinky tofu – deep fried
    6. Pork liver/kidney – in wine/pepper soup
    7. Chicken gizzards – deep fried
    8. Blue cheese & mature cheddar – with seedless grapes and saltines
    9. Raw oysters
    10. Century eggs with pickled ginger.

Braised chicken feet.
Braised chicken feet in the morning with my delicious hakka noodle. Notice the reddish colour….it’s authentic hakka chilli sauce and I insist my noodles drowning in it.

10.30am look.
10.30am look.

So what is your favourite disgusting food? Or are you a squirmy one?

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