To be honest…

I really want to join!

    1. I’m hitting 24 and have never entered anything like that before.

    2. I want a Nissan Latio!

    3. Nothing gratifies me more than seeing my face online over and over again on your computer screens (refer window header).

    4. I’m dying to flip the bird on national online televisions so to speak…..just kidding.

Alas, March will be a really packed month for me and I can’t afford to be whisked away to an unknown location for a reality show. *Tsk*

(I know I know, says who I’ll even get selected but when I partake in something I go in with a champion’s mindset, can).

Well, the cut-off age is 28 so I still have about 4 years grace period. Hope they’ll make this search an annual event cause I really want to join it next year!

As for you girls out there who are between 18-28 and have not auditioned, go do it at PWTC on Sunday (today), 10am-5pm. Because you can!