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Friendships are complex.

So I was talking about friendships in my previous post and it seems to me from all the comments that people do prefer friends to be honest with them. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a huge sample for me to be drawing any conclusion but common sense prevails, no?

That said, aren’t we mostly all righteous and philosophical but when it comes down to the real deal, the Real McCoy, we tend to shy away from confrontations with friends? I mean, I can totally understand the discomfort of telling your friend that he or she has smelly feet, body odour or an attitude change.

I’ve once read somewhere that human beings are accommodating beasts. I agree with that. I mean, I have friends who are still hanging out with an ex-friend (to me) who is a known molestor. And I in turn, accommodate to my friends’ choice of friend even though I’m a victim. I’ve never asked them to sever their relationships with him or sever mine with them. Although I would have loved that this person be punished in some ways but well, one friendship is already a complex thing. Put so many together in one pot and we’ve got ourselves an anthropological bender.

Anyway, I’ve said too much already.

Just one last thing….a friend who touched one of your friends inappropriately and a friend who said the wrong things to one of your friends. Which one would you choose?

No brainer? Trust me, you would be absofuckinglutely surprised.

As for what kind of friend I am. Well, I’m certainly not the kind you would like to take out in public.


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