Day 1 – Being in Hollywood.

Although I’ve posted an entry on Los Angeles, I’ve never really elaborated much on the city. This post is an effort to make sure that I will not completely lose touch with my experience in the City of Angels. Right now, my memory is sketchy at best but what I do remember clearly is this: I had a grand time.

Even after I’d touched down in LAX (man, I feel glamourous already just saying that – LAX. LAX. LAX. LAX), passed the tight airport security and seated in my van heading towards the hotel, I still had a hard time trying to digest the fact that I was in Los Angeles. Tinseltown. Hollywood.Wow.


The moment I stepped out of my van, there was already a team of film crew shooting some scenes at the entrance of my hotel, Millennium Biltmore. Then I heard someone mentioned that Nicholas Cage was holed up in another hotel nearby, shooting a new movie.

I was terribly jet-lagged but my colleague wasted no time in asking the concierge whether there were any game happening at the Staples Centre. Luck was on our side, Lakers was playing against Memphis Grizzlies later in the evening. We booked our tickets and went back to our rooms to freshen up.

Lakers game.

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City of Angels.

I’ve always suspected that I was a nutcase. Well, there’s no more doubt about it from today onwards.

Anyway, here are the overdue pictures from Los Angeles. One of the best trips I’ve ever had. I shook the hand that shook Tom Cruise’s hand. I had Creole food for the first time. I had the best hotdog (sausage wrapped with crispy bacons and all the trimmings) I’ve ever had.

Staples Center.

Giant hand and hotdog.

Pershing Square which was featured in the last scene in Speed was smacked right in front of my window. I got screamed at by a hobo. I made friends with some Brazilians. I saw LOADS of people filming. Nicholas Cage was filming in the hotel just around the corner from mine. I saw Kobe Bryant (okay it was quite far from my shitty seat but I saw Kobe Bryant).


Martin Scorsese.

I saw the Hollywood sign. I saw some famous landmarks from movies such as Pretty Woman, Police Academy, City of Angels, True Lies and etc. I saw Viper Room where River Phoenix died. I saw the last of the palm trees that have defined Los Angeles’ infamous landscape. I enjoyed myself thoroughly in spite of certain circumstances.

Pumpkin ice-cream at Farmer’s Market.

On the way out from Farmer’s Market, a woman with a dog in an SUV stopped suddenly, wound down her windows and offered to give me a spiritual reading. I freaked and declined. Is that a normal occurrence in the States or did I have something going on? I guess I’ll never find out.

No, no Disneyland or Universal Studio or 6 Flags for me. Why waste a perfectly interesting city?

I’m almost back.

So yeah I just came back from Los Angeles. The highlight of my trip was KOBE BRYANT. w00t!

Yeah I saw them Lakers, at the Staples ;)

Did a whole lot of other touristy stuff too of course.

Went to K-Mart and stocked up on the Reese’s Peanutbutter. w00t!

Work was cool. Phew…

Pictures soon…but in the meantime, I’m packing for home, babeh!

Miss you guys like LOADSSSSSSS