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About This Blog

Hi, I’m Kimberly Low and I blog here at https://www.kimberlylow.com. It all started with my “online diary”, built from scratch on Microsoft Frontpage and hosted on Geocities (RIP, Geocities). I had no idea what blogs were till I stumbled upon a series of hrmm, sexy stories published on this personal publishing platform called Xanga. The rest, as they say is history.

I love blogging. Stemmed from my exhibitionist tendencies more than anything, I guess blogging is the least damaging route to go as compared to say, sticking my naked body against my windows. I enjoy the interactions in my comment box, particularly compliments from utter strangers :D

So what do I write about in my blog? Well first of all, the title of my website is “Narcissism is Necessary”. So yes, unfortunately for you, it’s all about me, me, me, me, me and me. From stories on how I pick my armpit hair to what’s my favourite application to use on The Crackberry, basically everything on my blog bears the claw marks of Kimberly Low’s.

Writing is part & parcel of my job but thankfully I never get sick of doing so. In fact, sometimes I write for local publications….you can read some of my articles here.

During times when I’m not writing for my blog or other people, I am mother to Charlie, my 4 year old English Cocker Spaniel. He is the other love of my life and eversince adopting him, I have learnt to become a kinder, more responsible and more patient person. I totally recommend getting a pup if you’re having personality crisis. I call him EmoCharlie because he always looks like he’s about to burst into tears but I like to clarify that this has nothing to do with my capabilities as a mother.

EmoCharlie chilling out with mummy.

And then there’s food. Yeah, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the F-word. I love, love, love eating (everything) but hate, hate, hate the consequences they bring to my thighs. Which is why I also love skirts, so I can hide my thighs and keep on eating, baybeh. You can read about my gastronomic adventures here. I cook a lot too and you can read about my cooking here.

Give me more food!

Oh and speaking of everything…I mean EVERYTHING!

Now what other things do I love doing? This is getting a little difficult….

I love travelling. I seek to try out all foreign food (why does everything about me has to relate back to food?) and shopping for things unavailable locally.

Fly me away to the moon.

Well, there are certainly more to me than dog, food and foreign things. Do drop by my blog to read about the adventures of a XX year young woman trying to live a good life the best way she knows how. I’m also an avid user of Twitter so you can totally follow my stream of thoughts at https://www.twitter.com/kimberzilla.

You can Contact Me Here!.