My milkshake

One of them days where I can’t seem to find the point of doing this, day in and day out.

I don’t want to be there and when I’m there I long to be somewhere else. Time slows down to a halt.

I miss my freedom. I was having a lot more fun with far less.

I have 3 more months left to achieve one of my year’s most important resolutions – getting a personal project up and running. Yet I can’t seem to find time.

I need to be stronger. I need to be fitter. I need to be braver.

I know I am better than this.

So I made myself strawberrry milkshake because I deserved it.

Dump strawberry ice cream, frozen strawberries, milk and vanilla extract into food processor and blitz till kingdom comes.

Regretted almost immediately after downing a whole glass of it….lactose intolerant FML

# – My pink, creamy delicious gateway to foul farts.


Sorry husband.

How much do I love dairy

Dressed like it is casual Friday cause it is last working day of the week. W00t!

# – Looking at the phone.


# – Looking at myself.


# – Looking at the phone again.


Grey dress from Sally Fashion. Leggings from Brand Outlet in Ikano. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Bag from ri2k. Necklace from Bali.


Leave me alone for 5 minutes and I will shove as much dairy as possible into my body :P

Doesn’t matter that recently I have developed a mild lactose tolerance which is really a bitch cause it makes me fart like crazy…mostly silent but violent types.

I love dairy!!! Milk, cream, butter, cheese give it all to me!

Hubs had to work so I was left to figure out dinner on my own. So, I boiled pasta in Campbell creamy seafood soup, and topped it off with seasoned pork crackling. Hoovered it all up! Burp.

# – Disgusting? Fuck off. Awesome? Lets be friends.


Then I made a gigantic mug of iced cocoa because I could. Melted parmesan into the milk too because a pinch of salt is far too boring. Lots and lots of sugar…..

Whipped up some cream, sweetened of course.

# – This shizz needs 5 hours on the treadmill to metabolise.


Yeah, I get what I want.