Hung up over Hong Kong.

Just came back from Hong Kong. It’s amazing how a country only 4 hours away from ours can be so different. I was gasping at the sight of the highrise condominiums. They’re so high and dense, they seemed surreal. While I thought they looked absolutely majestic, I kept having this weird expectation of them collapsing at any moment. The buildings just seemed rather delicate to me.

Naturally, the first picture I took of Hong Kong is bamboo scaffolding. It’s the 21st century and they’re still using bamboos and churning out futuristic looking buildings. I think it’s too cool.

Bamboo scaffolding.

Then it’s off to delicious dinner of sui kao meen (dumpling noodle) and tung ling char (ice lemon tea).

Sui kao meen and tung ling char.

Camwhoring in the restaurant.

Absofuckinglutely orgasmic. I was tempted to order another side of dumplings only but I refrained. I had wanted to reserve more belly space for dessert. Wise move indeed.

On the way for dessert, I passed by what I assumed was an over-ambitious brothel as it addressed itself as a “club”. Anyway, I took picture with it. Too bad the signboard wasn’t in yellow colour otherwise it’d have been more apt.

Wan Chai Club. Oooh sucky, sucky, onri 5 dorras.

Vintage pimpstress prepositioning unidentified male.

I got over my fascination with Hong Kong’s sex industry and adjourned to the dessert house. It’s called Shu Liu Shan or something like that.

Mango pudding with ice cream.

Something made out of pomelo/sago/mango/coconut cream.

This dessert house must be the creme de la creme of mango based dessert. After having them, I can assure you that you can die happy. Aside from mango based stuff they also have shuet kap gou (hasma), bird’s nest and goodies like….

Curry pork tripe,squid, radish and fishballs!

Pork skin RAWWKKKS. (rotflol, sorry inside joke)

I wasn’t contented with leaving just like that. I had to tarpao something!

At Lock Road.

Colourful Tsimshatsui.

Back at the hotel, I couldn’t sleep so I ate takeaway I bought earlier on from the dessert house.

Mochi with fresh mango filling.

They were so good I finished all of them at one go.

Still, I couldn’t sleep. So I started harrasing my boo via sms. Got him to make a 30 minute long distance call. For 30 minutes he listened to me sobbed and burped and farted and rambled. Thanks boo

I hate it when people give me unsolicited advice regarding relationships. Well, actually I hate it when people give me unsolicited advice regarding anything really. I mean, just because you’ve been burnt or dumped or conned, doesn’t mean other people are as weak or as dumb as you so really, STFU. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Eeeer…oops I veered.

1:27 am.

1:30 am.