Not like you even care.

Sometimes, before I go to bed, I wish I could sleep and never wake up again. Tonight is one of those times.

Fabulous day really, but am getting dogged by a lingering bad energy from this insignificant incident, which I can barely remember.

I suppose it’s sad when you expect people to do bad things and assume it’s pretension when people do good things. I suppose you can say I have better faith in self-preservation.

Righteousness tires me. Righteous people are plain rude and should shut the fuck up. I agree with selective g________ and total a__________.

Damn, I really need to shake this off now.


58 kilos

It’s now 4.30am. I’m supposed to be in bed by 12am but got prompted by the Suan about Air Asia’s free tickets. So the boo and I stayed awake to plan for our impromptu family vacation. We managed to beat the online booking frenzy and got the tickets for free! W00t! The excitement has passed but I can’t seem to fall asleep.

Oh, of course. I’m on a diet too. Being hungry makes me damn cranky. I remember my heaviest ever on the scale was 58 kilos. I was 17 and it was horrifying. And guess what, I’m tipping 58 kilos again. It’s not as scary as I remembered…I’d like to call it maturity but I think complacency seems more like it. So yeah, I’m cutting out supper. More running. More power stepping.

Remember this 58 kilos of goodness while it lasts.

If only I knew a way to keep the boobs cause I sure love how they look now.

I’m on the front page!

I’m so buzzing! I’ve been jumping around in the house since 10.30am!

My face is on R.AGE’s frontpage! OMG. I’m a covergirl *le sigh*

This morning I popped up at 8am and headed to my alma mater, HELP University College. Had to catch the college edition papers before they run out, you see. I had breakfast at Subway and hung around till 10.30am when the delivery truck arrived.

They plonked the stacks of papers on the floor and there it was, staring back at me, MY OWN FREAKIN’ FACE!

i'ma covergirl w00t!
i’ma covergirl w00t!

I swear it was the most surreal moment ever of my life. It’s like I struck the lottery. It was SWEET!

Kimberlycun on R.AGE

You can read the article online at R.AGE website.

p/s: Thanks ShaolinTiger for taking the main pictures and of course, making me front page worthy ;)