Wedding dress shopping

Waited for this day for a while cause it is the day where me and Whey Lu got to accompany Celine to get her wedding dress!

The picture below is of her in one. But not THE ONE, of course.

It’s is a pretty dress but I can assure you that the dress she got in the end is hundreds of times more beautiful.

I almost cried seeing her in it!

# – The bride and cheeky Whey Lu behind.


Celine also found her perfect wedding heels. So happy for her!

When I got home, I fell asleep on hubs belly. Woke up to find him cooking dinner hehe

# – Making fondant potatoes.


# – Spatchcock chicken.


Dinner was absolutely delicious. I think my husband is a cooking ninja!

Wedding bells

Feeling comfy again…

# – Leg out.


Dress from Bangkok. Flats from Hanoi. Bag from ri2k. Scarf from don’t know where.


First thing first, a very, very good friend of mine, Celine has just gotten engaged to her man, Jonathan.

I had known about the proposal from Jon since June! So glad it has happened and credit to Jon and his bros for pulling off such a beautiful proposal.

Celine unsuspectingly stepped into a room filled with heart-shaped balloons, romantic candles and her man, Jon standing in the middle with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and The Ring.

He asked for her hand and she said yes and we all cheered. What a great day :)

# – On bended knee.


Am so happy for these two lovebirds!


We were missing food from our #kimgaretheurotrip so we decided to recreate our typical meal in Europe.

Dropped by Jaya Grocer for assortment of hams and pickles and cheeses.

# – Chorizo, serrano, parma and salami with pickled baby beetroots, stuffed olives, pickled onions as well as cheeses.


Yums. Very happy with our dinner.


One of those days…. less than 4 hour of sleep and just short of wearing pyjamas to go out.

# – Straight.

# – Sideway.

A snug dress I wear as a top, again.  This seems to be a recurring thing with me. Anyway it was bought in Bangkok. I think it looks better as a dress….

Skirt I honestly can’t remember where I got it from. Possibly trifted.

Shoes from Bangkok and bag from ri2k. Necklace from Bali.


I have been looking forward to this for so long!

Finally am going on a girly vacation with mummy to my favorite place in the world!

So excited! Been having very little sleep trying to settle work and….work in order for this holiday to be completely worry-free.

This is my first time travelling with just mummy…. am wondering what kinda holiday buddy is she.

I hope I don’t annoy her too much lol.

Happy end of the week peeps. My weekend is just about to start.