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Choose your male friends wisely.

I must be more selective in choosing friends next time, male friends especially. Mine have turned out to be closet shopaholics. Okay, so that’s not really an accurate term to address them because the person that ended up shopping was me. What do you call people who take pleasure in watching somebody else shopping?

First off…there’s Kelvin. Seriously, I’ve never seen any man so happy accompanying another chick shopping. I mean, just take a look at Timmy and you’ll know what I mean. I was at Mt. Kiara to run some errands and decided to ask this Kelvin fella out for lunch. After a satisfying Japanese meal, he took me to Wondermomo. The moment we stepped into the shop, wahhhhh he started already! He really psycho me to the max….jeans, skinny jeans, selvidge, Cheap Mondays, Evisu, Levi’s Tattoo and so on.

I mean, I don’t even need a new pair of jeans! I’m perfectly pleased with my boot cut GAP that I got at a suspiciously low price from Reject Shop, which I’ve happily worn for the past 3 years. But that fella was good, ok? I ended up with a pair of BCBG jeans that fit me like a pair of customised gloves. Damage to the purse….I have decided to erase the figures from my memory.

Then….I went “window shopping” with this angmoh. 10 minutes into walking around 1U, the tiger revealed his stripes. He recited his perfectly rehearsed speech on “how important it is to buy REAL shoes for your poor feet” that somehow managed to sip into my grey matter and stayed there and *gasp* made sense.

I ended up with a dull pair of Clarks pumps that put a dent to my already dented purse. The horror of it all, in order to recuperate from the trauma of buying a pair of ugly sensible shoes, I splurged on a pair of faux croc skin pumps (with the sharpest points ever) which, slowly but surely, will destroy my feet.

So yes ladies, choose your male friends wisely. Some really love going shopping with you, perhaps a little too much.

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