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The only way is up!

Yes, KimKomm has no where to go but up.

After getting a well-meaning comment from Ms. Melissa a while ago regarding the look of KimKomm, I knew I couldn’t delay fixing up the website anymore. I’ve always been concerned with its look, in fact I’ve received several suggestion from friends that I should hire a professional to do the website.

Well, the site has been revamped so please take a look here. I’ve also blogged about the changes in KimKomm’s PR Blog. Do feel free to drop comments and suggestions for further improvement of the website.

Thank you and especially to Melissa for giving me the wakeup call :)

p/s: For PR insights, check out Kim Kommunications PR Blog.

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Facebook horoscope freaks me out..


    Leo Horoscope
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    Leo Kimberly,
    Doing your own thing is a mighty strong temptation now. Surround yourself with friends and colleagues who are as enthusiastic as you are. Rid yourself of anyone who is bringing you down. You may find yourself caught in a one-sided relationship.

When I read it this morning, I freaked out. Every word rang truth. On why the last sentence seemed true…I was in a cold war with the bf since Friday night -_- But…..we have just resolved it.

So it’s only true to a certain extent, thank goodness :)

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