Not like you even care.

Sometimes, before I go to bed, I wish I could sleep and never wake up again. Tonight is one of those times.

Fabulous day really, but am getting dogged by a lingering bad energy from this insignificant incident, which I can barely remember.

I suppose it’s sad when you expect people to do bad things and assume it’s pretension when people do good things. I suppose you can say I have better faith in self-preservation.

Righteousness tires me. Righteous people are plain rude and should shut the fuck up. I agree with selective g________ and total a__________.

Damn, I really need to shake this off now.


7 thoughts on “Not like you even care.”

  1. I’m righteous when I write, but lefteous when I bat in cricket or baseball. I’m also righteous when I play a musical instrument, but lefteous when I shoot a rifle.
    Isn’t life weird. :-)

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