Honey, I’m home.

We kinda live in the new house already. I use the word “kinda” because we still have loads of stuff left in the old apartment, yet to be moved.

Three big boxes of books for instance, his computers, DVDs, shit loads of magazines we’re not sure whether to keep or discard and clothes. It’s taking us this long partly because we have no furniture to store them :P

The renovation has rendered us pretty much penniless but we are slowly accumulating the items. Next on the shopping list: dining table, console cabinet, study tables and wardrobes. After all these items are acquired only then we’ll toy with the idea of inviting people over hehe.

Been cooking up a storm too. I’m glad my kitchen has turned out exactly the way I want it to. One that is meant to be used, hardy and “user-friendly”.

I’m in a good place now. It’s a cliche but I think I’m finally home. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.

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6 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home.”

  1. Hi Kim, would you mind sharing with me your contractor’s name and contact? I seemed to have read an earlier post with your recommendation but could not find it today. He seems reliable and that is the main thing I am looking for. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Kim, I’m looking to buy a 2 story link house. How much should I set aside for the renovations? The house has a previous owner and needs a medium to heavy makeover.

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