am so fehmes!

Yeah, am so fehmes cause I appeared on Malay Mail for Nuffnang Music Bash 09.

You can read the online article here.

Malay Mail, 07 April 09, Bloggers Party On
7 April 2009, Malay Mail, P23, Bloggers Party On

We also appeared on NTV7 yesterday!!!! Am looking for the video now and will post it in a bit.

So have you spotted yourself in the video?

18 thoughts on “am so fehmes!”

  1. ky: sure i’ll sign on your newly painted car with sharpie ya!

    mell: i’s awesome!

    pretsel maker: yes, were u there?

    hb: it’s okay. i wont let fame get into my head

    dabs: im the fehmes one.

    nigel: sing along!!

    serge: what to do, there can only be so much light for such a big fehmes person!

    joshua: where where where?

    ah horng: you forgot super mou dek chiu kap leng lui character.

    xes: i sign on your doraemon stuffed toy.

    st: of course!

    ah pau: i know ah pau…i can’t help myself jajajaj

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