So happy!

I’m so happy, so merry, and so happy and chirpy and gay.

That’s how I feel everytime we made up after a fight. I feel like our relationship has conquered yet another challenge and we’re another step closer to be that elderly couple, holding hands still lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes 50 years later.

I love you baby boo!!!! At times when I’m driving alone and thinking about you, I feel like winding down the window and scream to the whole miserable world, “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND SO MUCHHHHH!”.

And best of all, I know you feel exactly the same way. There’s nothing better than knowing that you can fall hopelessly in love everyday, with no worries, conditions and pesky red flags, because you just know deep in your heart that your other half loves you back the same. No worries, no conditions.


And I know you love me toooooo! So leave me a comment baby, don’t be shy :)

p/s: Here’s an example of what to wear if you feel like having stumpy legs and your belly sticking out. Throw in some bad hair and voila…instant bag lady.

Bag lady.
Channelling hobo.

6 thoughts on “So happy!”

  1. so sweet! i feel like screaming out how much i love my dear too but usually i annoy da shit out of my friends by doing that. XD

    somehow feels like you’re trying to coo him to leave you a comment here. :P

    btw i found pics of my rabbit tooth-dom. emailed to you, check it. if the quality is satisfactory will start writing my bracing entry. :P

  2. so happy for u. so the after made up sex was fantabulous eh ;)

    anyhow, u happy, i no happy. cos u doing the nokia challenge with suan, but i have no partner (yet)…any recommendation?

  3. tine: yeah i got the pink one too!!! haha go beetrice!

    yahui: haha dont lah torture your friends! looking forward to your braces entry!

    tbg: alamak i didn’t talk about sex what haha! yay you’re in the challenge also w00t

    simon: very funny -_-

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