Bah, amateurs!

I am appalled at the sheer incompetence of these so-called big PR agencies which can’t even inform their guests properly that an event has been postponed to another day.

Email? None. SMS? None. Phone call? None.

I went to the event venue and waited for an hour like a fool before I managed to catch hold of the PR girl’s number to call. She profusely apologised to me and also tried to pin the blame on another colleague. Lastly, she claimed that she’s really new in the company. Honey, this is no excuse for incompetence!

This is not the first time I’ve been inconvenienced by these amateurs. To think that I’ve confirmed my attendance as soon as I got the invitation because I know how nerve racking it is to wait for people to RSVP.

And as fate would have it, their client was having a staff dinner at the venue and thus caught wind of my situation. The brand manager was very kind to me, even though I’ve hogged their reserved table for more than an hour.

All I’m just saying is that, big doesn’t equate to good.