Strangely free.

I skipped Wendy’s for some work and then I cooked myself some pasta. All the carbohydrates are making me really sleepy and I think I’m going to catch a couple of winks after I click publish.

It’s been a surreal month. I’m still trying to make sense of what happened to me in the past 30 days. I feel like a new person, more confident, no longer a fraud.

Speaking of which, have you ever felt like a fraud? People believing in you 100% and you’re scared shitless because you do not want to break their hopes and trust, and you can’t for the life figure out why people are believing in a punk….like me. I’m not a punk anymore.

Anyway, Anything Butterfly Photography Contest was covered by The Sun and Utusan Malaysia and here are the clippings. I am so glad that this contest is being given support by the local press.

Anything Butterfly on The Sun.
Shutterbugs to Capture Awareness of Lupus

Utusan Malaysia
Peraduan Fotografi Bantu Persatuan SLE

If you’d like to win very attractive prizes from Nikon and also stand a chance for your picture to be exhibited at 1 Utama AND on top of that, help Persatuan SLE Malaysia, do click here and find out more.

My boo fixed my EeePC for Internet connection using Nokia N82 as a modem. I hope Nokia will come out with Linux compatible PC Suite because not everyone is an open source whiz or has an open source whiz for bf like me. He also installed the advanced desktop so it feels less n00bish, couldn’t really stand the large icons anyway. All I need is a large capacity sdhc and I’m good to go :) Ultimate mobility ftw!

Advance desktop
GUI rebellion :P

Thinking whether to go to MDG tonight, love to try taking some model pictures. Hmm, see how lah!

Birthday came early, thank you! :)

Errr sorry I can’t stop gloating about my Eee PC :)

It is so light, totally unbelievable! I was chatting on MSN at my apartment carpark (still within my wifi area), one hand holding laptop and the other hand typing……standing up, ok.

Check out the comparison…

Eee PC vs Lenovo
Eee PC vs Lenovo. Pretty amazing, no?

So I had a panic attack just before the event. 4 out of 5 laptops ordered for the event didn’t work properly, girls haven’t arrived, one of the two big screens for the football matches was a little whacky, venue management tried to change my tray serving to buffet line etc etc etc.

I got home to freshen up after setup and I just couldn’t put on my makeup properly and then I put on so much I looked like a panda then I couldn’t find my phone and some documents and I was so sure I would forget to bring something. Basically I was just running around the apartment trying to fix some imaginary problems and I was hyperventilating while doing so. And I sweat so much my makeup ran I when I saw myself in the mirror, I burst out crying and I felt like the sky was going to fall on top of me. Hahaha.

Anyway, I redo my makeup while still hyperventilating and my pimples seemed abnormally larger than normal and I started crying again. And then makeup ran again, I had to redo my makeup while time was ticking away.

Finally, I reached the venue and found my supplier (and friend, Mike from Xpert Events. Please contact him for your events, he’s the best!) had brought in the replacement laptops and my client was just happily testing them. No one even noticed that I was late due to my panic attack episode heh.

Anyway, everything went so well. My emcee for the night, Liang was absolutely a riot! He’s amazing to work with, very professional, accommodating and best of all, he got the crowd going! :)

So during the half time of Birmingham vs Liverpool, my client asked me to go to the stage to assist the Regional Manager with his speech, so I went lah. And then I was waiting there and the r. manager went up to talk and then suddenly he started to express thank and gratitude for people who’ve made the event a success and then he called me up the stage.

I was like, alamak ok..didn’t see it coming. And then I saw him holding a box and I still didn’t register it cause I’m shortsighted remember? And then, I saw it, the words Asus Eee PC. I screamed, “OH MY GOD YOU GAVE ME AN EEE PC!!!!”. You can try for yourself, trust me it’s very high pitch heh.

Me getting an Eee PC.
Hehehe, omg look at my jawline. So tensed from grinning too long and hard hahaha. Picture from Mike Yip.

I did not suspect anything. It was a real surprise. I almost cried on stage but held my tears back. And I’ve never been properly surprised in my life. It felt really good :)

It’s a gift of something I secretly wanted for quite sometime and in the colour I wanted. My client even took the liberty to jack up the ram to 1gig. Don’t I have the best client in the world, you tell me? :)

All I did was debating about how an Eee PC would have pwn his Mac Book Air (which honestly, is really one of the most amazing stuff I’ve seen!) and he thoughtfully got me one!

Happy camper. Picture from Mike Yip.

Thanks everyone from Lasseters especially the director, you know who you are la!