More shoes for less, hahaha.

What’s the best thing to do on a lazy Saturday?

Have breakfast in Kanna at 3pm!

Only then I remembered that I had freshly manicured nails that I couldn’t bear to taint with Indian spices.

Manicure and Kanna don't go together.
Eating banana leaf rice with fork & spoon takes away half the fun, okay?

Then we went to 1U like we always do when we don’t have anything interesting or fun to do on the weekends. We browsed in Reject Shop, looking for some good deals.

Camwhoring in the fitting room.
Camwhoring while the boo tried on some clothes.

And then I caught someone by surprise.

That’s the best surprised face I could illustrate.

A friend has told us about Marks & Spencer’s moving away sale. So we decided to take a look. They were moving their current outlet in the old wing to the new wing. I was surprised that everything…and absolutely everything was down by 50%! OMG… was stim!

I got two pairs of shoes that would have cost me about RM600 for about RM180! They’re so comfortable :)~~

First, my brown suede court shoes.

Suede court shoes
With some high tech insole to ensure comfort.

Another look.
Yeah I’m putting this up cause I like how my legs look

And my leather boots! Absolutely yummy..

Black leather boots.
Black leather boots ftw.

I just love the feeling of getting a good deal. It’s like a buzz. I get a buzz for the longest time whenever I score something for much less that I’m supposed to pay. Lets just say I don’t believe in paying full retail price.

But I have to say what tops the feeling of getting a good deal is seeing the stuff you’ve just bought being sold at another place for a couple of times the price! It’s happened to me before, I got a very beautiful satin dress in Armcorp Mall for RM50 and then I saw the very same dress being sold in Bangsar for RM250. All these markups are crazy.

I thought I’d kick the habit of thrift shopping once I start work, but I guess it’ll never go away. It just feels too good.