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It’s a wonderful Monday.

Wah I was bit emo on my last post, wasn’t I? So many friend msg-ed me and asked if I were the dunzo with baby boo. Nah, not so easy. It’s funny how we could feel so bloody tragic and helpless when all it takes is just a cool, calm and collected talk with your other half to sort things out. Oh yes, and plenty of empathy too, of course.

Baby boo, tulibu dibu douchooooooooooooooo….

Secured another job for a New Zealand based health & fitness product line. Today’s last minute meeting turned out to be a formal introduction for me as the PR rep to the brand dev. manager and line’s sole distributor. Things are really looking up. Thanks man, you know who you are :)

I am so excited!!!

What I wore to day.
My meeting garb. It’s a cocoa mocha week for me! Top from Singapore, pinstripe bottom from Spade, bag from Fourskin, shoes from M&S.

As I got the notification for the meeting while rushing some press releases in the morning, I ended up completely forgotten about lunch. By the time I got back around 4pm, I had to grab a bite at Mickey D.

Porridge and Mickey D.
Porridge and Diet Coke. Tempted to have some Ayam Goreng also but voted against it.

Hrm…I also had my birdshit mobile washed. Remember the last car wash post I blogged? Yes, it’s been that long :P

Birdshit mobile.
Birdshit mobile in grooming session.

And lastly, some weirdass shit I found at the dumpster near where I stay.

what the flying f-ck is this?

Some creepy karma sutra shit.


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