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It’s Friday!

The TM technician dropped by this morning and finally fixed the Internet. One week of sheer torture. The worst thing about working from home is having no internet access. Thank goodness for unlimited 3g but sending out large attachments was a real pain in the arse.

Work is set till the month of June. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling. Kind of weird, when only last year I was worried that I’ll rot with no work.

By the way, if anyone knows anyone who might be interested in sponsoring cash/exhibition panels/venue/printing/etc for a charity photography exhibition in aid of Persatuan SLE Malaysia (the country’s only support group for sufferers of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease that causes severe damage body’s tissues and organs), do let me know. My email is kimberlycun()

So all the intensive mental juicing required for work has lessened a bit and I was relaxed enough to hit Marmalade for my favourite comfort food.

Morrocan Lamb Shank.
Moroccan Lamb Shank with spinach rice. I cleaned the plate…

Totally recommended. Love to have some now!

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