not the first time.

Wtf is wrong with people who give out their “friend’s” number to random stranger without asking for permission?

Besides mouthing about my relationship to utter strangers when she was specifically asked to keep it private, this person also mass mailed her whole entire email list without using bcc.

F-cking thick, can?

4 thoughts on “not the first time.”

  1. sheeeshh… tell me abt it!

    fucking hate that kind of inconsiderate ppl who dont bcc. and put ur full name next to ur email address. some more dare to say “my friends wont read ur blog one lar. why u so sensitive?”

    fucking whore. it’s not YOUR CHOICE to keep my secret when i trusted u to keep mum abt it, is it?!

  2. ky: not emo. just flabbergasted.

    naeboo: yeah, it’s amazing how inconsiderate these people can be. then again i’m not really surprised because when i reprimanded her for giving out my phone number all she could mustered up was a weak sorry and how UPSET she is and how UPSET SHE WAS the first time I reprimanded her for telling her blogger friends about my relationship with my bf. i treated her like a younger sister and all i get is what? i didn’t even say a thing when she put my email out on her mass email, i just said to myself ah, “it’s her at it again – but there’re enough ppl giving her flak for now” (she blogged about how UPSET she was being scolded for revealing everyone’s email adds…see the pattern?)

    how self-absorbed can one be? who the fuck cares about how upset she is, i’m the one whose number is being randomly given out by her. to think i was civil when i told her off, i think it’s only fair that she attempts to take care of my feelings first before she laments about how victimised she is by having me reprimand her for betraying my privacy! i hope she deletes my phone number and me from her life because i don’t really care about having a “friend” like that.

  3. exactly.

    then this girl who did that to me said i was being super paranoid. how is it paranoid when i simply dont want to share?

    not *YOUR* choice to choose what i want to share what! wtf

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