Need to win the lottery.

Okay, so I went to the interview this afternoon. It’s at Atria Complex. I’ve never been to the place and it took me an hour to discover that streetdirectory is a gawddamn liar. I think now I’m quite acquainted with all SS23, SS24 and SS25.

Anyway, I got the job. Well, there’s no formal contract or anything but he said, “Welcome to the team”, and we shook hands so I think it’s pretty much on. I’m quite excited eventhough I won’t be paid a cent. Since it’s voluntary work, things will mostly be conducted after office hours except for the actual production of the movie. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to work for a movie production! My official title should be oddjobber/marketeer/tea lady/promogirl/etc, hehehehe. It’s going to be the first locally produced full-lenght chinese horror movie in Malaysia. Am I excited? You bet I am. Check out the site here.

So that’s that. After the interview, I went to my recruitment agency to re-activate my profile. Since I won’t get paid, I think it’s just wise to subsidise my pocket with a proper job. I haven’t worked for them for two years and they have discarded my profile. I had to re-apply, which was a bummer because there were 4 pages worth of forms to fill out. Yawns. The consultant told me the next available vacancy for the job I want will probably be in mid-July. That’s just long.

So I came home and pondered a while. Well, actually I ate, watched tv, napped and gossipped with my Mom. By midnight I was so bored, I decided to re-type and beautify my resume. It was taxing, the tables were all crooked and the more I tried to fix it the worse it got. Microsoft Word is just gay. I deliberately sent my resume to ST under the pretense of “just to show you lah” cause I know he is too nice (read: perfectionist) to allow it to be in a sorry state. As I had predicted, he sent it back to me; perfect alignment and all. Thank you! Hehehehe.

Then I browsed through my blog again, hoping to stumble onto something I could attach with my application for the internship at the publishing house. I found nothing. In the end, I had no choice but to use two entries, here and here and another article I wrote eons ago. I modified them a bit so that they would at least be slightly, just a teeny weeny bit more consumable. Immediately after I sent the email, I knew I had done something very stupid. Oh well…


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