Footwear orgasm.

Big Shoe Box.
This is me holding an over-sized shoe box.

After meeting with a client, I went to 1 U. Bought tickets for Iron Man. Then I browsed around for a friend’s birthday present.


Then I ended up at Aldo. With discount tags all over the shoe shelves. I tried a couple of shoes. My gawd, most of them were too high for me. The soles are almost straight from the ground. Crazy! How do women wear them??

I almost gave up when I caught the sight of brown leather on the lower shelf. Hrmmm…BOOTS. The last time I experienced footwear orgasm was given by none other than boots too!

I tried on a pair of knee-highs, and the rest they say is history.

Side view
Side view.

Front View.
Front view.

And that’s what the over-sized shoe box was for.

Got my nails done too. Why not, it’s officially cheaper than one week of fuel!

Manicure & pedicure cheaper than petrol.
When I get mowed down while cycling at least I’d die with pretty nails.

p/s: Iron Man was too awesome!!!!

p/p/s: Shit, I forgot the friend’s present -_-

34 thoughts on “Footwear orgasm.”

  1. I’m going to be naughty and quote a line from Norbit:

    “Excuse me, Miss, are you wearing bottoms?”


    Nice boots, btw. Please don’t stomp on me with those stilettos. :P

  2. Total hotness babes ;) Those boots were on sale here too, at 50% off! Still, the entire shop was jam-packed with people, I doubt I’d be able to get my size.

    Enjoy the boots. Screw the weather and what other ppl think eh? ;)

  3. tigerjoe: thanks! yes i was wearing bottoms..sorta.

    songyia: thanks babe, i’d rather have your pins anyday!!

    tine: yes, i think they probably cut the price even more. originally was rm780! i got them for 212!!!! :D

    ky: i’m wearing me pants technically..

    zewt: haha

    dabs: one of the greatest feelings in the world!

  4. woww did anybody help u wif carrying the oversized big box. i got a pair of crocs for RM168 but the price is partly for the health of my foot or so they said, is tat true?

  5. rach: i like pointy!

    bee: hahah maybe!

    matthew: oi so sharp hor your eyes. i didn’t even notice -_-

    hb: lmao tq

    william: “bottomless” could come with many interpretations

    milo: no i was carrying it the box the whole time! i don’t think crocs are able to help you with your feet unless you’re just looking for a relief from high heels then i think most flat shoes/slippers could have done the job. if you’re looking for something that would really improve your feet, try Foot Solutions at The Curve. they make customised shoes with high tech sole padding…very expensive (in the range of upper RM1000) but works, my bf’s mom had a pair done and she’s so happy with it.

  6. wow ! awsome! (honestly, more keen to know what’s under the white tee)

    ….yes i am an sick evil fxck…

    tat’s i carry lighting arrestor along when i walk under the rain especially during thunder storm.

  7. suanie Says:
    June 9th, 2008 at 12:24 pm
    “that’s a big box”

    Really? I couldn’t tell. The t-shirt was covering. Heheheh.
    (sorry, the legs scrambled my brains a little)

  8. You look really good in it. But I have to ask, how do people wear high boots like that in M’sia where it is so hot? Do you just get used to it?

  9. steve: i dont have long feet!

    thatjames: i tell you the RM200 was worth it!

    justine: in mid valley!!!

    abi: i dont think you get used to it. but wearing them mostly in air conditioned rooms help a lot lol.

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