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I’m on leave!

Am on leave! w00t! I needed this break so bad…so much work and events back to back till I couldn’t really rest properly. I suppose you would notice it from my blog as well. Thank goodness for twitter, at least I can still update while on the go.

I don’t have anything compelling to say, really. I have some pictures of things I did in the past couple of weeks, that’s about it. Been playing a lot of Guitar Hero and playing some songs on expert mode now. Guitar Hero is incredibly stress relieving and addictive!

Just recovered from bouts of eczema around my neck. It was tragic, I felt like a monkey scratching away. Was stupid of me to take royal jelly pills :P

Went to a Chivas party at Euphoria. Been ages since I partied and I promptly fell asleep due to exhaustion. Yes it’s true, I have the ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever I want to. Besides, the strong rhythmic bass helped to lull me to zzz.

Mell, KY, me and G.

Suan and horng
Suan and Horng.

I also danced barefoot cause my 4″ Primark heels were killing my feet. It was liberating.

Kaki ayam.

We went to Tenji to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Can you guess how old is she? I hope I look half as good as her when I’m at her age. Love you Mom!

Mom's birthday.
Nicklaus, Nick, Mom and me.

Here is me wearing the shorts Suan bought for me from her Bali trip. I love it, it’s so comfy!

Thanks suan!
Thank you Suan!

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fantastic service at hairkunst, the curve

On Saturday, I put up an SOS on twitter.


And this is what Sabrina replied to me in matter of minutes. Thanks babe!


I made the call to Hairkunst while still driving and managed to score an appointment with Jojo.

At The Curve, I called them again because I couldn’t find their premise. It’s because the shop is located with the offices. You have to take the lifts behind Sakae Sushi to 2nd floor. Nice decor, nice music and complimentary internet usage (with a laptop!!!).

The service was outstanding. Jojo was a joy. She patiently listened to my hair predicament and then told me what she could do. She was never once patronising and best of all….none of those product pushing bullshit.

I told her I wanted a soft fringe and layered body to offset the kink where my straightened and natural hair meets. She gave me exactly what I wanted but better.

#1 – Before

#2 – Shampooing

#3 – Nip Nip Nip

#4 – Final touches

#5 – Result

#6 – Ms. Jojo of Hairkunst, The Curve

The price for my do? I had earlier withdrawn RM500 to make sure I had enough to pay for the cut and some impending products I may succumb to purchase.

I was shell-shocked to be charged the grand sum of RM55.

The Curve,
Lot 226, 2nd Floor
6, Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-77105585

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make up your own title

Just changed my desktop wallpaper a while ago. Check it out:

Malvern Hill

This is a picture of Malvern Hill I took with my D70s. Unprocessed namely cause I’m too lazy to do it but really, it doesn’t need any processing does it? Sadly, this wallpaper is as far as a vacation goes for me this year :(

Missing Charlie?

Here is us chilling at Starbucks. Charlie’s getting too big for my lap. Look how uncomfortable he is. Boy’s growing so fast!


Charlie is a chick magnet. This random hot chick came to our table to play with him. Ah Horng wants to borrow him for pulling girls. I think we might start to impose a nominal fee for Charlie’s time.

charlie the chick magnet

Here’s me shortly after watching Star Trek at Gardens. The movie was awesome, you must absolutely watch it and you don’t have to be a Trekkie to enjoy it. Thanks Nokia for the tickets!

Star Trek

Why are my pictures pixelated? I switched the picture sizes on my phone to MMS size for easy twitpic (though it didn’t work) and forgot to turn it back. Actually, I think I look better pixelated :P

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