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I’m on leave!

Am on leave! w00t! I needed this break so bad…so much work and events back to back till I couldn’t really rest properly. I suppose you would notice it from my blog as well. Thank goodness for twitter, at least I can still update while on the go.

I don’t have anything compelling to say, really. I have some pictures of things I did in the past couple of weeks, that’s about it. Been playing a lot of Guitar Hero and playing some songs on expert mode now. Guitar Hero is incredibly stress relieving and addictive!

Just recovered from bouts of eczema around my neck. It was tragic, I felt like a monkey scratching away. Was stupid of me to take royal jelly pills :P

Went to a Chivas party at Euphoria. Been ages since I partied and I promptly fell asleep due to exhaustion. Yes it’s true, I have the ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever I want to. Besides, the strong rhythmic bass helped to lull me to zzz.

Mell, KY, me and G.

Suan and horng
Suan and Horng.

I also danced barefoot cause my 4″ Primark heels were killing my feet. It was liberating.

Kaki ayam.

We went to Tenji to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Can you guess how old is she? I hope I look half as good as her when I’m at her age. Love you Mom!

Mom's birthday.
Nicklaus, Nick, Mom and me.

Here is me wearing the shorts Suan bought for me from her Bali trip. I love it, it’s so comfy!

Thanks suan!
Thank you Suan!

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I’m a Standout in Life

I don’t care what you or the rest of the world think, but I’m bent on going to the STAND OUT! WITH TIGER AND NUFFNANG Party. It’s an all exclusive party only meant for unique and outstanding characters such as myself. Yeah, I’m so qualified for this party and I can tell you exactly why….

5 reasons why I’m a standout in life and deserve to attend Stand Out!:

#1 – I can eat a humongous burger while talking at the same time.

#2 – I can sing like Faith Hill.

Okay, almost like Faith Hill.

#3 – I can eat a whole giant oyster at one go.

#4 – I have the mental capacity of a 40 year old according to Brain Age 2. Yes, of course it takes maturity to succeed in life! :P
40 year old brain

#5 – I sleep in the same bed with a dangerous animal, every night.
sleeping with dangerous animal

See what I mean? Do you have so many solid reasons to attend the event like I do? If you do, don’t waste time and start blogging about it to stand a chance to hang out with outstanding personalities at the party. Describe what a standout you are in your life by posting a blog post blog titled ‘I’m a Standout in Life’.Then submit your post via email to with the permalink (URL) of your blog post along with your full name. Oh don’t forget you have to be 18 years old and above to attend this party, babies are not welcomed.


There are so many prizes to be won at the party too such as Nintendo DS Lites, xbox 360, HP Notebook and even a Coach handbag! Just the perfect stuff for people like myself.

Some details of the party:

Date of Event : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

Bring out the best of yourself and standout!

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Phone bundling for the pragmatists.

With the current recession, it’s good to see the few telcos here have taken actions by offering phone bundling (buying a new phone bundled with a talk plan) to consumers. Phone bundling packages have long been offered in countries like Great Britain and Singapore but never took place in Malaysia. Not until the arrival of high-end phones such as blackberries and iphones that is. These phones are extremely expensive if purchased on their own and it’s no wonder that telcos like Maxis and Celcom are offering these phones in their phone bundling package to appeal more to cost-conscious consumers.

But there’s a little problem. When it comes to mobile phones, many of us are not trend followers and would prefer to use something uncomplicated, practical, user-friendly, maybe a little easy on the eye and most importantly, easy on the pocket. We are not into blackberries and iphones (or as i like to call it, iphonies) because they’re so goddamn expensive although their functionality is comparable if not worse to many other cheaper phones. Although acquired through phone bundling, at the end of the day you’re still paying premium for a high-end phone and a not so great phone plan. Yes, you are really just paying for their advertisements and marketing campaigns.

So why don’t we just pay for that cheaper phone? Well, these relatively cheaper phones are still unfortunately, not THAT cheap. A decent phone model would have cost anywhere between RM500 – RM1000, still quite a big sum to a lot of people. In a rush to offer high-end phones to the public, some telcos have alienated the rest of the unassuming public. And this is where Digi comes into the picture.

They are now offering more reasonable handphone subsidies, offering customers postpaid plans with the price of a handset going for as low as RM0.99 (24 month contract). There are 4 models to choose from, comprising the popular 3G/HSDPA variants from Motorola (VE538), Samsung (F480), Sony Ericcson (W760i) and LG (KF750).

The new bundled plans by Digi comprise of lower advance payment (RM50-RM250) and lower priced but with comparable functionality 3G phones ranging from RM0.99-RM1,499. Maxis’ iphone on the other hand requires upfront payment of between RM400-RM2000 and on top of that you’re also paying between RM250-RM2290 for the phone depending on the plan and contract period selected.

Need more convincing? Digi’s DG150 (RM150 commitment fee) plan provides 1,500 minutes of talktime while a subscriber on Maxis’ iPhone iValue2 plan (RM155 commitment fee) gets 667 mins applicable for domestic calls only. Existing subscribers of Maxis are allowed to retain their current voice plans but would need to fork out RM2,540 for an 8GB iPhone while the with Digi you only pay between RM599-RM1859 for the phone only.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really keen on paying so much for a phone that can’t MMS, can’t SMS forwarding, can’t edit documents, can’t change battery!!!!, can’t record voice, can’t replace media card, can’t voice dial and can’t be used as a broadband modem. Besides, there’s no technical support, service, repair or upgrade for the phone that should come along with it which are definitely going to be coming out of your own pocket in the future. I could pay a whole lot less for a smudgy mirror.

All I’m hoping is that Digi start bundling some Nokia phones and I’ll be happy.

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