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I saw Oasis Live in Singapore 05 April 2009

Okay, the tummy has settled down a bit, so I can blog about Oasis now!

It.was.fucking.fantastic. I have no words to describe it. Maybe with loads of expletives I could paint about 1/5 of its awesomeness but why so much effort? You should have been there.

#1 – On the way to Singapore. KY, Amanda and me.
KY, Amanda and me

It was all worth it, the longass drive down to Singapore (stopping at Malacca for some delicious chicken rice balls and famous cendol gula melaka) and all the worrying about missing the concert. Well, we had expected to arrive Singapore around 3pm but managed to only reach the border at 6pm due to bad traffic and rain.

Btw, thanks Ah Horng and ST for driving!!!

Then, as fate we would have it, we realised we didn’t have the embark/disembark cards so we had to wait at some office for about an hour before we were good to go. After some mad telephone calls back and forth with a robot, we discovered that the ticket window closes at 8.30pm instead of 7pm (concert starts at 8pm) so we were calmer but still worried cause you never know shit might happen.

#2 – Cendol gula melaka.
Cendol Gula Melaka

Anyway, thanks to kickass Garmin, we arrived at Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7.45pm, redeemed our tickets and mad rushed to Subway for some finger lickin good Subway sandwiches with real pork bacon and all the trimmings. Then we entered concert ground.

#3 – Queuing up for tickets.
Me, KY, Amanda & Ah Horng.

#4 – Tickets!!!!
Oasis tickets

The air was electric…

Oasis came out promptly at 8.15pm and it was just pure adrenaline all the way. I screamed till my voice was almost gone. A couple of times though the crowd went so wild, I thought Amanda and I were going to be crushed to death or suffocate. I got so angry at one point I just started elbowing everyone around me.

#5 – Oasis emerging on stage.
Emerging Oasis.

There was a particular chap with a mohawk who was practically doing capoiera in the middle of the crowd and was annoying everyone around him. Suddenly one guy lifted the mohawk guy up. To his utter delight he kept pointing towards the stage, but he was bodysurfed right out of the crowd. After a while, the same mohawk chap managed to wriggle his way back to the same spot but this time, he was just dancing in his own personal spot. Ha ha ha. Talk about self moderating crowd :)

From this point on I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.


#7 – [L-R] Gem Archer (guitar), Andy Bell (bass guitar), Chris Sharrock (drums), Jay ‘Gandalf’ Darlington (keyboard), Noel Gallagher (guitar), Liam Gallagher (vocal)


#9 – Liam!!!! (and a glimpse of Noel)
Liam gallagher

Liam was such a badass. He was hanging the tambourine off his crotch while singing What’s the Story (Morning Glory). I couldn’t take clearer pictures of Noel because he was at the extreme right of the stage.

#10 – Liam again!!!
liam again

#11 – Us.

Towards the end of the concert, Liam stood at left of the stage, almost in front of me and he just…stood there. We were going crazyyyyy

#12 – THE badass.

And here are some videos of their most famous songs.

1. Wonderwall:

2. Awesome acoustic rendition of Don’t Look Back in Anger by Noel:

3. Champagne Supernova:

This is by far the best concert I’ve been too. I missed Jay Kay (damn VIP tickets urgh) but it’s really okay cause he will probably be back but Oasis is too emo to predict hehehehe.

p/s: Want to post videos..I took snippets of Don’t Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova and Wonderwall but Youtube is not loading -_-. Maybe later.

p/p/s: All pictures taken with my awesome Nokia N82.

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Period rant.

I’m at home with a big bag of ponstan. The pain started yesterday evening and hasn’t subsided. This morning, one hand clutching my tummy and the other maneuvering the steering wheel, I attempted to go to work. Alas, at the traffic lights between the turnoffs to Bangsar and Section 17, I decided to make a U-turn and headed straight for my regular GP. I was cramping so bad, I could barely look at my rear view mirror. At this point, I can’t think of anything more punishing than being a girl.

You got to deal with icky blood leaking out of your body every month and to add salt to injury, you have to be in immense pain while at it. Why the fuck? My doctor told me that I should get a thorough checkup just to make sure I’m all-clear. Especially since my Mom has a history of fibroids and endometriosis. I wish that someday, someone could grow babies out of petri dishes and then I could go get a hysterectomy done without any guilt to my parents and future husband. I mean, yeah surrogate mothers and stuff, but can’t procreation be less complex than that? What’s wrong with just having dogs?

Anyway, I’m just glad this didn’t happen during Oasis concert. I’m suppose to have blogged about it already but all I want to do now is to rant about my period. I was about 5 feet away from them (after a lot of elbowing and feet stomping, well who ask those inconsiderate assholes to push so friggin hard? eat my elbow stupids). The concert’s acoustics were perfect and they were sooooo badass. it was perfect.

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