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DIY nail art tutorial

love the weekends. finally some time to pamper myself. i got my lashes done yesterday, and this morning with charlie lying calmly at my feet, i even got a manicure done. i’m so productive :)

since i’m at it, i might as well post a tutorial on how i did it. you need a clear nail polish, a coloured nail polish (mine is blue), a glitter nail polish (mine is gold glitter) and nail design stickers! i’ve had the stickers for the longest time and totally forgot about them. glad i stumbled upon them while searching for my manicure kit.

#1 – what you need: clear polish, coloured polish, glittered polish and nail art stickers.
nail polish

of course, before any paint job, it’s good to shape your nails into the desired shape, buff em up and get rid of the cuticles. they will ultimately make your nails look much better. that said, i’m just too lazy :P

#2 – first, paint your nails with the clear polish.
clear polish

#3 – then, paint french tips over your nails with the blue polish.
blue polish

takes some practice to get every tip at similar width but you can cheat with the french tip stickers. might also get a little messy at this point, but be patient and wait till it’s all done and dry before you get rid of the excess nail polish.

#4 – now wait for your polish to completely dry before you handle the stickers. 45 minutes to 1 hour is the safest bet for cheap nail polish :D

#5 – it’s better to use a tweezer to lift the stickers up cause you may chip your nail polish doing it with your finger nails. now stick them on your nails, like this.
stickers on nails.

#6 – then, apply a little glitter polish over the empty area of your nail design, like this.

lastly, finish it off with a good layer of clear polish to seal off your design.

#7 – and voila, DIY nail art!
DIY nail art.

cost almost nothing. all you need is time and a wee bit of patience.

ladies, do you prefer your manicure DIY or done by a manicurist?

oh, and this picture is in response to ky’s comment. i is pr0 ok!

#8 – right & left hands

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