Period rant.

I’m at home with a big bag of ponstan. The pain started yesterday evening and hasn’t subsided. This morning, one hand clutching my tummy and the other maneuvering the steering wheel, I attempted to go to work. Alas, at the traffic lights between the turnoffs to Bangsar and Section 17, I decided to make a U-turn and headed straight for my regular GP. I was cramping so bad, I could barely look at my rear view mirror. At this point, I can’t think of anything more punishing than being a girl.

You got to deal with icky blood leaking out of your body every month and to add salt to injury, you have to be in immense pain while at it. Why the fuck? My doctor told me that I should get a thorough checkup just to make sure I’m all-clear. Especially since my Mom has a history of fibroids and endometriosis. I wish that someday, someone could grow babies out of petri dishes and then I could go get a hysterectomy done without any guilt to my parents and future husband. I mean, yeah surrogate mothers and stuff, but can’t procreation be less complex than that? What’s wrong with just having dogs?

Anyway, I’m just glad this didn’t happen during Oasis concert. I’m suppose to have blogged about it already but all I want to do now is to rant about my period. I was about 5 feet away from them (after a lot of elbowing and feet stomping, well who ask those inconsiderate assholes to push so friggin hard? eat my elbow stupids). The concert’s acoustics were perfect and they were sooooo badass. it was perfect.

11 thoughts on “Period rant.”

  1. i have the same problem every month and yea my grandma passed away because of cervical cancer. been taking naprogesic for years but i noticed that sometimes its not effective at all. cant afford to miss class so i had the doctor prescribe me the pill which is aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!no pain, not too heavy, less days!feels like heaven srsly. i remember how painful it was. u cant even walk! but yea.. just in case im thinking about gng for a checkup once i get back from overseas. T_________T

  2. Kim, have you tried Synflex aka Naproxen Sodium for your period pain? It works wonders for me. I only take them the first day, one tablet 3 times per day. Ponstan works best with Buscopan. :)

  3. penyu: sigh…such torture being the female kind. personally im trying to wean myself off medication and pain killer. it’s really bad to be dependent on drugs. get a checkup quick!

    zoe: aih so lucky!

    kynn: no i haven’t…just been using ponstan and it helps. i suppose im not that bad. thanks for the tips though, will look it up. right now im gonna try loads of EPO and chinese Bak Foong pills and see how it goes.

  4. Ah, EPO is also very effective. My best friend takes it every day and she says the period pain isn’t as bad as it was before. Eat more Omega-3 food or supplement too, perhaps?

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