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I was NOT Phua Chu Kang -____-

Just got back from Nuffnang Music Bash 09. It was such a blast, even people from tv were there. I went as one of the Village People. I was so happy with my costume because I loved the irony…I was a woman playing a woman trapped inside a man’s body.


Obviously, people below the age of 25 have no idea who Village People are.

“Hello Phua Chu Kang!!!”

“Err I’m not”. -_-”

“Bob the Builder!!!”

“Err, not”. -_-”

“Who then???”

“Village People”.

“Say what?”

That basically sums up my entire conversations with people for the evening.

For you babies out there, these are the village people:

#1 – Village People.
Village People

My costume was really simple. A white vest, black trousers (jeans would have been better but mine was in the laundry :P), sunnies and construction hat. I spent all morning trying to look for a fake moustache but failed. Ended up drawing it with mascara and eyebrow pencil hehehe. It’s okay, saved a couple of bucks.

#2 – First picture as a proud gay man.

#3 – With Cindy MDG who came as Britney Spears.
With Britney Spears.

#4 – With Kellster, who looks fab in her glamrock costume!
With Kellster

#5 – Guess the nipple. Owner is so cool his nipples give directions.
Guess the nipple.

#6 – With Ah Horng.
With Ah Horng.

#7 – With gwailou.
With gwailou.

And the last picture of the day…

#8 – Faded moustache.
Faded moustache.

Going to see Oasis tomorrow in Singapore. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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