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good food feeds the soul too

i notice that i’d be in an incredibly good mood at work after a nice lunch. i suppose sometimes you have the break the monotony of the RM4 chap fun.

a while ago, we were in bangsar checking out the roadshow venue so we decided to hop over to chun heong for lunch. the place was super packed. paul teh recommended the duck thigh noodle for me. it was damn good, i’d definitely go back again. perfectly braised duck meat that falls of the bone in a nice mildly herbal tasting soup.

paul teh on the other hand had the 3 sausages noodle which was supposedly really good too. i tried the soup and it’s really aromatic. no hint of msg enhanced flavour to it.

#1 – chun heong in lucky garden
chun heong in lucky garden

#2 – duck thigh noodle
duck thigh noodle

#3 – 3 sausages noodle
3 sausage noodle

as we had time to spare, we also stopped for some strudels. i had the classic apple and he opted for a blueberry one.

#4 – apple and blueberry strudels.

#5 – insect in my drink :P
insect in my drink

a couple of days later, me and the ladies of the office went to Aman Suria for the best char siew in the world. yes, i’ve converted them. if you saw a bunch of people in blue shirts at famous seremban favourites, yes those people are us.

#6 – 3 medium plates of cholesterol heaven
char siew

#7 – close up of the best char siew in the world
best char siew in the world

on the day i had my accident, there was a kfc smacked right next to the kota damansara police station. too lazy to go somewhere else, we decided on just having our lunch there. they have a new addition to their menu called “flava roast”.

#8 – kfc new addition called flava roast
i didn’t really have much faith in it but i wanted to try the jacket potato. as it turned out, the flava roast chicken steak was pretty decent…better than the bbq chicken place even! the size of the chicken steak was quite small when compared to the picture on the menu, but with the coleslaw and jacket potato it made a substantial meal. and, the jacket potato was actually good!

#8 – kfc flava roast chicken steak
kfc flava roast chicken steak

having a bad day at work? pls treat yourself at lunch.

p/s: i’ve filed my taxes. wow it’s crazy easy with this e-filing! so easy i wasn’t sure if i had really done it. wtf. thanks suan and st for helping out!

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