KGB Burgers

Feeling pudgy!!! Bad hair!!!!

# – One leg slightly out.

Top/Dress from H&M. Skirt from don’t know where. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k.


Went to find my better half in Bangsar for dinner.

We decided to have burgers at KGB. It’s opposite Yeast. Very delicious burgers. I highly recommend it.

# – Yums.

I love the kimchi fries. Was expecting some powdered kimchi flavoring but the chips came with real kimchi and beef bulgogi. Love it!

One thought on “KGB Burgers”

  1. Kimberly, your post made me hungry! Kimchi and bulgogi are so enjoyable!

    Feeling pudgy? You certainly do not look pudgy.

    Still curious why your work uniform is basic black. Keeping it a mystery for your readers!


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