My milkshake

One of them days where I can’t seem to find the point of doing this, day in and day out.

I don’t want to be there and when I’m there I long to be somewhere else. Time slows down to a halt.

I miss my freedom. I was having a lot more fun with far less.

I have 3 more months left to achieve one of my year’s most important resolutions – getting a personal project up and running. Yet I can’t seem to find time.

I need to be stronger. I need to be fitter. I need to be braver.

I know I am better than this.

So I made myself strawberrry milkshake because I deserved it.

Dump strawberry ice cream, frozen strawberries, milk and vanilla extract into food processor and blitz till kingdom comes.

Regretted almost immediately after downing a whole glass of it….lactose intolerant FML

# – My pink, creamy delicious gateway to foul farts.


Sorry husband.