Skippys Pizza

Like I have warned previously, I am starting to wear the same clothes.

This is caused by combination of laziness, lack of fresh laundry and lack of shopping.


# – Looking at the phone.


Dress a gift by Sham, my dearly missed comrade in mischief. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k.


I am so excited to share this on my blog. The hubs just introduced to me this food delivery that serves mainly pork. Their pork pizzas are the bombs!

Ladies and gentlemen, Skippys Pizza!

# – Pizza in pizza box. Other food in plastic containers or brown paper bags.


The menu is extensive. We ordered Meat Lovers pizza (stupendous), pulled pork burger (highly recommended – I think it is better than Betty’s Midwestern and it was delivery food!), some wings (good) and pork ribs in 7 sauce (this was a bit disappointing as the meat was not meltingly tender but the sauce was top class).

# – The food all plated up.


# – Pulled pork burger was enormous and DELICIOUS!


Wish I had more pictures but was seriously hungry.

Now Domino’s Pizza has a serious contender in our household. I can’t wait to try other food…especially the vinegar pork trotter!!!!!!

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