My thoughts on Alvivi

Just another manic monday. Took me so much effort just to steam this damn blouse.

# – Leg bent.


# – Leg not bent.


Blouse from Chatuchak, bought 2 years ago. Harem pants from Nichii. Shoes from Tesco Lotus and bag from ri2k.


Am in wonderment over the borderline hysteria that is sweeping the nation over the bak kut teh scandal by controversial bloggers, Alvivi.

I think it is fair game to curse and criticise maybe even make them pay a hefty fine, but to haul them before a court and spend time in jail?

Wow, no wonder we are still where we are….

What harm have they caused? Hurt some feelings? How bad are your feelings hurt? Are you having sleepless nights over two kids doing stupid shit? Seriously get your fucking priorities right.

Am not condoning their behaviour, I just think that Malaysians can be more mature when it comes to freedom of expression.

If politicians said racist shit, vote them out. If people said stupid, bigoted shit on social medias, unfollow them. If your kids said rude & offensive shit, first give them a bloody slap and then review your own parenting skills.

That said, if someone threatened the lives of Malaysians though, by all means lock their butts downs.

Just be reminded that nobody belongs in jails except rapists, murderers, drug pushers, assaulters, scammers, kidnappers, thieves and paedophiles.

Which category does Alvivi belong to exactly?