Apple pie

Woke up with really bad hair so had to wear a hairband :P

# – All straight.


# – All out.


# – All wide.


Dress with paper boat motives bought in Chatuchak, red belt too. Shoes bought in Hanoi and bag from ri2k.

# – Paper boat.



I wanted to blog about the wedding preparation but couldn’t find any picture of my rockstar bridesmaids DIY-ing. Arghhhhhh!

Think I might have lost those pictures forever. I am such an idiot :(

I spent too long looking for them pictures and it is bedtime soon so will have to abandon initial blogging topic.

For now you just have to contend with a picture of my homemade deep fried apple pies.

Apple filling was made from scratch but I used store bought puff pastries. Busy woman has got to learn how to cheat in the kitchen.

# – Homemade deep fried apple pies and premium vanilla ice cream (not homemade).


Love my deep fryer!