I love you 20s

Feeling a bit loud today…

# – Looking at myself.


# – Looking at the phone.


# – No scarf.


Top nicked from husband. Jeans from Forever21. Belt from Bangkok. Pashmina can’t remember from where. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from ri2k.


The final leg of my 20s. Wow.

I still feel remember my 21st birthday vividly, and most times I am still that 21 years old. Although I sure as hell don’t look 21 anymore haha.

Don’t think I do too bad for someone my age. I am happy. I am for most part self-assured. I am hopeful and I am excited. I have learnt to be happy for others too. I also learnt to manage my own expectations. I know when to shut-up and I don’t feel the need to diss other people’s choices just because I think mine is better.

(If you have read my blog from the beginning you would understand that it is a HUGE milestone! Hehe)

Well, my dear 20s…yes we will be together for a little more. When you’re finally gone along with the gravity defying properties of my tits, I promise I won’t miss you but I will recall our time together with the fondest memories.