It is my 29th birthday

Since it is my 29th year on this earth, decided to wear something snug and not very comfortable…lol

# – Leg crossed.

# – Leg not crossed.

Dress bought in Bangkok. Love the detail on the dress…got it at a steal like RM25 or was it RM30. Either way, a steal cause it is made of nice breathable but sturdy material. Heels from Payless Shoes and bag from ri2k.

# – Curve enhancing lines.


So it is my birthday. My 29th to be exact. I decided on a quiet celebration this year because the husband and I will be going on a month long holiday next month and I want to conserve energy and $$$ hahaha.

Gawd, that is so nauseatingly sensible! That said, I am quite happy despite the lack of fanfare.

Hubs has given me a week-long free pass to have him do anything for me (that is within reason) and so far I have gotten him to take me out for nice dinners, buy lots of KFC so that we can eat fried chickens while watching Suits together and clean the house.

# – Tonight I demanded beef tartare and hubs drove me to Bangsar for my fix.

Truthfully, I love the mellow domesticity.

Most times my brain said I want a designer this or the latest that but really, I just want to stay home and snuggle with my husband and dog in a clean home. I feel best when I achieve that, I feel contentment.

I need to learn to listen to my heart more.

# – Happy 29th birthday to me.

29 years and still figuring it out. No shame in that.

I love you 20s

Feeling a bit loud today…

# – Looking at myself.


# – Looking at the phone.


# – No scarf.


Top nicked from husband. Jeans from Forever21. Belt from Bangkok. Pashmina can’t remember from where. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from ri2k.


The final leg of my 20s. Wow.

I still feel remember my 21st birthday vividly, and most times I am still that 21 years old. Although I sure as hell don’t look 21 anymore haha.

Don’t think I do too bad for someone my age. I am happy. I am for most part self-assured. I am hopeful and I am excited. I have learnt to be happy for others too. I also learnt to manage my own expectations. I know when to shut-up and I don’t feel the need to diss other people’s choices just because I think mine is better.

(If you have read my blog from the beginning you would understand that it is a HUGE milestone! Hehe)

Well, my dear 20s…yes we will be together for a little more. When you’re finally gone along with the gravity defying properties of my tits, I promise I won’t miss you but I will recall our time together with the fondest memories.

Hanging out with the girls

Hung out with two of my oldest girlfriends – Jayna and Ying Ying. We have known each other since primary school.

We hadn’t stayed in touch consistently through the years and it’s kind of sad sometimes to realise we had missed out a lot about each other’s lives.

Whenever we see each other though, the conversations flow freely. It is the kind of bond you just don’t get with friendships you forge in your adulthood. Glad we are all making more effort now to meet up :)

Jayn and Ying’s birthdays are coming up soon and since I won’t be seeing either of them during the actual days, decided to take today’s opportunity in making a birthday cake.

# – Chocolate stout cake with peanut butter frosting.


Not the prettiest but taste very nice okay!

# – Happy birthday girls! Forever gorgeous!


Am going to be a bit cheesy and say