Hanging out with the girls

Hung out with two of my oldest girlfriends – Jayna and Ying Ying. We have known each other since primary school.

We hadn’t stayed in touch consistently through the years and it’s kind of sad sometimes to realise we had missed out a lot about each other’s lives.

Whenever we see each other though, the conversations flow freely. It is the kind of bond you just don’t get with friendships you forge in your adulthood. Glad we are all making more effort now to meet up :)

Jayn and Ying’s birthdays are coming up soon and since I won’t be seeing either of them during the actual days, decided to take today’s opportunity in making a birthday cake.

# – Chocolate stout cake with peanut butter frosting.


Not the prettiest but taste very nice okay!

# – Happy birthday girls! Forever gorgeous!


Am going to be a bit cheesy and say

Damien getting hitched

Yay Friday! We’re taking a trip to Malacca for the wedding of one of our oldest friends, Damien. Damien is getting married to Amy.

OMG Damien is getting married!!!

# – This is Damien.

Damien is one of those solid fellas that you can always count on.

One incident that I will always remember, it happened in Redang Island back in 2005 while we were on a group holiday.

I was inappropriately grabbed by some dude while snorkeling in the marine park and it was Damian who stomped around the island trying to look for the bastard to beat up! Although we didn’t manage to find him, it was very comforting to have a friend stand up for you like that.

So yeah, thank you Damien. I am so happy for you and Amy! :)

See you guys later!

dinner with my best girlfriends in the world

we are best friends since 13. after high school, we went to different universities and now living/working in different parts of the Klang Valley. 45 mins travel is nothing much i guess but sometimes life is so busy you keep delaying meeting up with each other because you know that these people will not ever be offended.

we’re making more efforts to see each other now though. whenever we meet up it’s just like old times again. i love it, these people know me inside out. we can just talk about everything and anything. sex, money, love, bitches and everything in between. nothing to hide and nothing to conceal.

#1 – LooLoo & Jayna.
loo loo & jayna

#2 – Me and LooLoo.
Me and LooLoo

#3 – 300gm sirloin steak.
sirloin steak

#4 – best friends forevaaaaaaaaa.
best friends forevaaaa

on the plate now is to finally go on the big trip we have been planning since high school…the destination is bangkok end of this month. shopping and massages, w00t.

then another bkk trip with suanie and co before the year ends…awesomesauce!