dinner with my best girlfriends in the world

we are best friends since 13. after high school, we went to different universities and now living/working in different parts of the Klang Valley. 45 mins travel is nothing much i guess but sometimes life is so busy you keep delaying meeting up with each other because you know that these people will not ever be offended.

we’re making more efforts to see each other now though. whenever we meet up it’s just like old times again. i love it, these people know me inside out. we can just talk about everything and anything. sex, money, love, bitches and everything in between. nothing to hide and nothing to conceal.

#1 – LooLoo & Jayna.
loo loo & jayna

#2 – Me and LooLoo.
Me and LooLoo

#3 – 300gm sirloin steak.
sirloin steak

#4 – best friends forevaaaaaaaaa.
best friends forevaaaa

on the plate now is to finally go on the big trip we have been planning since high school…the destination is bangkok end of this month. shopping and massages, w00t.

then another bkk trip with suanie and co before the year ends…awesomesauce!

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  1. Bangkok trip ..coooool good choice .. ;P. I m suppose to be in Bangkok & Cha Am month end, provided can finish our promo activities here.

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