Warwick Avenue

Feeling all pattern loud again. Also feeling lazy about my hair so hairband timeeeee. Hurhurhur.

# Leg bent.


# – Legs straight.


Wooly top trifted in Bangkok. Striped skinny from Bangkok too. Shoes also Bangkok. Hairband also Bangkok lol. Bag from ri2k.


I love singing! One of my resolutions since 2012 was to go to a vocal class but that still hasn’t happened.

That’s because I have terrible stage fright, in fact I suspect why I haven’t gotten around to attending a vocal class is because am even terrified to sing in a class :(

Anyway, I recorded myself singing a Duffy number back in February for fun. I sometimes record my own singing whenever am alone or with Gareth.

Gareth is possibly the only person in the world that I am comfortable singing for.

So here’s the song I sang – Warwick Avenue. One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite singers ever, Duffy. Her voice is amazing! If I can get any voice I want, I’d want Duffy’s singing voice.

# – Cover of Duffy’s Warwick Avenue by ME!

[audio https://www.kimberlycun.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Kimberlycun-Duffys-Warrick-Avenue-Cover-190213.m4a ]

Sorry there’s no accompanying music. I recorded it by singing along the song while listening to it via earphones.

Here’s the original video. Be warned, the music video is sad as hell! I cry almost everytime I watch it.