Life’s a peach

I need more shirts!

# – Body facing forward.


# – Body facing sideways.


Shirt inherited from my friend Mellissa. Jeans from Levi’s that I bought in Hyderabad. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from ri2k.


Had such a nice evening out with the girls. We are not doing it often enough!

Now waiting for hubs to finish work so we could watch The Newsroom together. What a fantastic series!

I think every Malaysian especially those in the media industry should watch it.

Work is great. Friends are awesome.Family is best. And we are going on a holiday. Life’s a total peach to me now :)

The canine way of life

Busted out my smurf dress. ..

# – Looking at the phone.


# – Not really looking at the phone.


# – Looking at the phone again.


Dress from some shop in Kenanga. Belt from Bangkok. Heels from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k.


Our guilty dog. This is him after being caught spoiling our blind.

After a pseudo reprimanding, 2 minutes later he is back to loving, cuddle-deprived Charlie.

# – Ooooh Charlie totally LOVES me!!!!!!


More people should adopt the canine way of life – live in the present, live in the moment.

The past means nothing other than to make you a better person dog today.

Warwick Avenue

Feeling all pattern loud again. Also feeling lazy about my hair so hairband timeeeee. Hurhurhur.

# Leg bent.


# – Legs straight.


Wooly top trifted in Bangkok. Striped skinny from Bangkok too. Shoes also Bangkok. Hairband also Bangkok lol. Bag from ri2k.


I love singing! One of my resolutions since 2012 was to go to a vocal class but that still hasn’t happened.

That’s because I have terrible stage fright, in fact I suspect why I haven’t gotten around to attending a vocal class is because am even terrified to sing in a class :(

Anyway, I recorded myself singing a Duffy number back in February for fun. I sometimes record my own singing whenever am alone or with Gareth.

Gareth is possibly the only person in the world that I am comfortable singing for.

So here’s the song I sang – Warwick Avenue. One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite singers ever, Duffy. Her voice is amazing! If I can get any voice I want, I’d want Duffy’s singing voice.

# – Cover of Duffy’s Warwick Avenue by ME!

[audio ]

Sorry there’s no accompanying music. I recorded it by singing along the song while listening to it via earphones.

Here’s the original video. Be warned, the music video is sad as hell! I cry almost everytime I watch it.