Woke up fine and headed straight to work. By 3pm I felt like a zombie but pushed on…

Finally got home. Half dead.

I was looking forward most to picking Charlie up. We had dinner and then went to pick our son up.

Been more than 3 weeks since he last saw us. I was expecting far more excitement from him but no more than usual.

Guess he is at his happiest everytime he sees us! Hehe

# – Charlieeeeee.

And then, the night mare began. I couldn’t fall asleep. FML.

The canine way of life

Busted out my smurf dress. ..

# – Looking at the phone.


# – Not really looking at the phone.


# – Looking at the phone again.


Dress from some shop in Kenanga. Belt from Bangkok. Heels from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k.


Our guilty dog. This is him after being caught spoiling our blind.

After a pseudo reprimanding, 2 minutes later he is back to loving, cuddle-deprived Charlie.

# – Ooooh Charlie totally LOVES me!!!!!!


More people should adopt the canine way of life – live in the present, live in the moment.

The past means nothing other than to make you a better person dog today.


I woke up really late today. And the first thing that greeted me was nasty pungent air. Charlie did a number one on the sofa, on ST‘s favourite seat, no less. I didn’t even notice it at first cause our sofa’s are yellow in colour but I could see urine footsteps all over the house. FML.

Tried to soak out as much liquid from the cushion with paper towels but there’s nothing much I could do. Sprayed it with a lot of Dettol antibacterial spray and Febreze then put it out in the sun. I can’t smell the piss anymore but I may have just gotten used to it.

Got down on my knees to scrub the damn cushion cover. Have I mentioned it’s yellow? Thank heavens! Soaked it in detergent for 3 hours before giving it another scrub. The entire time an unidentified voice was telling me to ditch the cushion and cover. But I scrubbed on…

After that, I let Charlie out of his cage and apologised to him for not waking up earlier to let him out. No bad dogs, only bad owners :(

Yeap, what an interesting day I had, wasn’t it?