The canine way of life

Busted out my smurf dress. ..

# – Looking at the phone.


# – Not really looking at the phone.


# – Looking at the phone again.


Dress from some shop in Kenanga. Belt from Bangkok. Heels from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k.


Our guilty dog. This is him after being caught spoiling our blind.

After a pseudo reprimanding, 2 minutes later he is back to loving, cuddle-deprived Charlie.

# – Ooooh Charlie totally LOVES me!!!!!!


More people should adopt the canine way of life – live in the present, live in the moment.

The past means nothing other than to make you a better person dog today.

6 thoughts on “The canine way of life”

  1. no offense kim but ur wardrobe needs a revamp, seriously. i mean ur a blogger, cant u get ur clothes on sponsor?

    if i were u i will just dump whole wardrobe into dustbin without even selecting. lol

  2. Hi Kim, I noticed you have a few items from Sally Fashion in your OOTD. Do you mind telling me how’s the quality? Is it far from what is on the website? Thanks!

    1. Hi DG,

      I was very selective when purchasing the clothings from Sally Fashion, making sure the measurements fit me, mostly avoiding free size stuff. The material of all the clothes I bought were pretty decent quality. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  3. Kimberly,

    Looks like you and Charlie are true friends. Keep in mind that a mature dog has the emotional maturity of the typical 2 – 3 yr old human child. IOW dogs love to play and are always investigation thier world.

    That blue dress looks so sweet on you!

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