Why do people tolerate bad behaviours

Casual Friday time!

# – Straight legs.

# – Bent leg.

Old top from a shop in 1 Utama which name escaped me. It has the word GEEK! on it.

# – Geek.

Jeans from Levi’s. Shoes from Tesco Lotus and bag from ri2k.


I’ve always wondered whether it is an Asian thing, a Malaysian thing or a universal thing – this tolerance towards bullshit and sweeping under the carpet of bad behaviours.

You know what I mean? People notice something’s off early on but yet they let it fester. They keep quiet and wait and wait till it’s too much to bear. Like it’s magically going to be better?

You’d think that by reaching the point of no return that something would be done….

But no. No. No. No. No.

Then they close a door, check nobody’s behind them and then whine and complain, whine and complain, whine and complain to those who would listen.

Yet, they won’t do jack shit to change the circumstances even when they have every right and authority to do so. It’s not laziness, is it?

What is so bad about righting what’s wrong? It seems to me that people are afraid of offending them perpetrators or afraid of being seen as a trouble-maker which are both illogical and retarded.

I’ve heard something far more retarded – they don’t want to kill other people’s morale by raising a stink. Hello, last I heard is that you will kill morale by protecting the source of grievances.

I mean I understand for some aspects that there is no choice but to take it in the ass.

However, I am starting to notice that this sort of cowardly, nicey Lucy behaviour doesn’t discriminate situations. Generally, they would just take it, all the while spreading their buttcheeks themselves regardless of the situation, then whine about how bloody painful it was.

Why?!!! This really astounds me!